A Visit to Vino Culture

by | Jan 27, 2022

Attention wine connoisseurs: if you haven’t checked out Vino Culture yet, you’re in for a treat. Located downtown near The Main on Granby, Vino Culture is a one-stop wine shop where visitors can enjoy an expansive wine selection for sale, as well as weekly wine tastings and themed classes.

A Curated Culture


Every aspect of Vino Culture is thoughtfully curated to bring customers the ultimate wine experience, from the choice location in the heart of downtown to the cozy decor that helps set the mood. Tastings and classes on offer invite patrons a chance to explore the art and subtle nuance of wine in a more profound sense. 


While Vino Culture is relatively new to Norfolk, with the storefront opening this past September, owner Kiera Hill has been a pivotal player in the city’s wine culture over the past 13 years, both in retail and the restaurant industry. Kiera is a certified sommelier and started Vino Culture three years ago to empower palettes. She aims to educate people on the vast array of styles, extending them unique opportunities to analyze wine as a sommelier does.


Kiera shared that “Vino Culture is more of a wine education company that just happens to also sell wine. That’s why there is always a range of tastings, classes, and events in the wine shop to tap into your inner wine-nerd.”


The Vino Culture Experience


For those in a hurry just looking to pick up a bottle of wine, Vino Culture offers a wide selection for every palate. There are signs to guide visitors to excellent choices, such as the White and Red Wines of the Week.

There’s also a fabulous “Best Bang for Your Buck” section, bringing customers the highest quality wines at competitive price points.

For those looking for more guidance, take advantage of the tastings they offer on Fridays from 4 – 6 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 – 5 pm. These tastings will take you on a worldwide journey through several wines Kiera has hand-picked to share each week. The menu is constantly changing, providing opportunities to try a large variety. If there’s a particular varietal you’re fond of, grab a bottle to take home.


Want to become more confident in your wine tasting skills? Check out the themed classes offered, from blind tastings to courses that focus on different wine regions around the globe. If you’re a charcuterie, check out the upcoming cheese and chocolate pairing class on Friday, 2/18 at 7 pm and Sunday, 2/20 at 1 pm. Visit the Vino Culture website for the complete list of upcoming events, and reserve your spot before they sell out!

In addition to their in-store selection, tastings, and classes, they also feature a monthly subscription service. One can choose to pick it up at the shop or conveniently have it delivered to their doorstep on the second Friday each month. 


Tiffany Frazier

Ghent, NFK

Tiffany grew up in Chesapeake but has called Norfolk home for the past seven years. She fell in love with the city while working with Festevents during college summer breaks. She graduated from James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with a degree in corporate communication. Tiffany now works as a digital marketing specialist and enjoys strolling and rollerblading her way around Norfolk. She lives in Ghent with her husband Trevor, and their two cats, Tux and Joe. 

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