Calling the Lost, the Trapped, and the Hungry! Immerse Yourself in the Hermitage’s “Gretel’s Home For Wayward Children”

by | Mar 1, 2022

Calling all of the lost, the trapped, and the hungry! There’s a place for you, a welcoming bastion, hidden deep in the woods off of North Shore road. Gretel’s is a home for wayward children. It’s a place where she shares her enviable knowledge of resilience and finding a path forward. You might have heard of Gretel long ago in the dusty old books from your parent’s house. Gretel was once young and wayward too. She and her brother, Hansel, had been abandoned by their family and left alone in the woods. They ended up kidnapped by a witch, and through Gretel’s ingenuity and a small dose of luck, they persevered. That was many, many years ago, but Gretel is committed to teaching the lessons by which she learned to live. She’s opened up a retreat deep in the woods to share this profound knowledge with wayward children that need the assistance. Gretel has invited you for a visit. You need only bring your inner light and be ready to face the darkness. 


Gretel’s Home for Wayward Children is the 6th annual performance series at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens. Every show, created by Patrick Mullins, has been an immersive combination of theater and adventure. Attendees have raved about the creative storylines that weave familiar tales with new mystery-filled plots. The Hermitage’s beautiful campus transforms into a place of mystery and wonder in which performers elevate with skillful acting. As plotlines unfold, the experience usually entails being whisked between rooms, corridors, and the woods. Previous performances include 2021’s “Night School,” a tale built on the legends of werewolves, and 2018’s Virginia Woolf-inspired “The Dream Clinic.”

This year’s performance will be no different. Gretel’s Home for Wayward Children is sure to delight attendees with a Brothers Grimm-inspired experience. Tickets for several of the last shows have sold out, so get them quickly. Performances are nightly from March 3-5 and 10-12. The Hermitage Museum and Gardens organize this event thanks to assistance from The Goode Family Foundation and Baldwin Advisory. 

Get all the details and find tickets here. 


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