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Written by Ellie Kay. Check out her podcast here.

From documentaries and music videos to modeling and world travel, Chelsey Glitch has extraordinary plans for 2018.

Chelsey wasn’t always living the filmmaker’s life. She started her studies at ODU in astrophysics. After discovering a profound love for cinema, she made the full 180 leap into her journey with film. Chelsey has carved a niche for herself within our community through her evocative and layered approach to storytelling. She is particularly adept at conveying feeling and she portrays subjects in a way that is layered, stimulating, and innovative.

In 2018 those skills will be put use in a diverse array of projects. The project she is most excited for is a trip she will be taking to Uganda next year. As a teenager, she developed a pen pal relationship with a young man. Over the years she stayed in contact with him and their bond grew. Chelsey has taken opportunities to send gifts and supplies to the orphanage in Uganda. She hopes to make a documentary during her time there, that tells the story of the community and how they work together to support the children in need.

In addition to that massive undertaking, she is also juggling a litany of other projects. That includes a music video that is a visually stimulating, colorful, and a rich depiction of emotional struggle and triumphs through personal growth. Also on the horizon is a short film that she’s looking forward to bringing to life. The film takes place in a world where the death sentence is abolished, as death has become something that must be earned. That’s truly a concept rich with challenging possibilities.

When asked to describe her work to someone who’s never seen it, Chelsey had this to say, “My work can best be described as multi-layered and multi-faceted. You have to look for the little details and make the little comparisons.” This is absolutely true and anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing her art will concur. Chelsey hopes to connect with others through a shared experience. “We think that our emotions are uniquely our own.”

She hopes to connect with her viewer, stating, “I hope that my work can display, ‘I feel this too’”. This inclusive and involved method of creating can open doors and build connections not only within ourselves but also within our community.

Chelsey revealed that her peers have had a massive impact on her journey. As she developed as an artist, Chelsey learned the value in friends who are “unapologetically themselves” and finds support in her social circle. She went on to tell me a valuable lesson a friend shared with her. “You show your weaknesses to the world. You don’t hide them. Once you show them to the world, they’re there. Then you can work on strengthening yourself”.

When speaking about her hurdles, she was extremely vulnerable about her hesitation in taking credit for her accomplishments. Chelsey admitted to struggling to believe that she was entitled to and deserving of the awards and recognition she has received. She shared that what was most beneficial for her in overcoming this discomfort was sharing her struggle with others who encourage her and believe in her abilities.

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