What to Submit

We like stories about local businesses, artists, sports, government, etc. On issues of public opinion, we appreciate honest and well-researched op-eds and letters to the editors on locally impactful issues.

We typically focus on the written word first and subsequently translate that story to mediums of photography, video, and voice. Nonetheless, if you want to contribute from a medium other than the written word, we love working in those formats too.


Writing Submissions

You are encouraged to write in the voice you would use in an email to a well-regarded neighbor or a professor you respect. Keep it conversational, informed, blunt-but-not-rude, impassioned-but-balanced. We do not stick to AP Style and accept the local vernacular as it comes. Your education level will not affect your submission. Word length between 400 and 1,200 words is recommended but deviate from that as appropriate for the story.


Photography, Video, and Voice submissions

We tend to follow the formats that work best for social media platforms here. If you have a submission for one of these mediums, please be sure to consider how well it would fit into your own social media consumption. Please contact us for further guidance if needed


How To Submit

Click here to apply to be a contributor for NFKVA to learn more about ongoing opportunities to share your work. 

If you have time-sensitive content ready to go:
Please submit the text in the body of an email and any image, video, or audio files attached. Send to Please note, not all submissions will be featured. 

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