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Digital Lens Rental Expands Footprint While Lending a Hand (and Lens) to Creatives

by | Apr 28, 2021

Digital Lens Rental has been hooking up creatives with the tools they need since 2016. When you’ve got the vision, the dream, and the talent to make it happen, but you don’t quite have the gear – that’s when DLR has your back. Their lenses have caught Norfolks finest sunsets, documented stories of love at local weddings, and captured memories of events all over town.

Their love for the creative community has paid off and they’re expanding. What started in Norfolk is growing up the river to Richmond. And here locally they’re snagging a bigger spot on 21st so they can bring even more gear to the streets.

Congrats to Nick and Lydia on the success. Visit them at the new 21st digs soon till then catch them at Monticello Arcade 

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