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As we enter into the last week of January and the shiny veneer of our New Year resolutions starts to wear off it’s important to find ways to motivate ourselves to keep those yearlong notions intact. It’s no secret that 80% of our resolutions are burnt out by the second week of February but maybe – JUST MAYBE – if we incorporate the fun of food into our new goals we might be able to last until the eve of 2019! Or at least March. Heck, even the last week of February would be a worthy accomplishment at this point.

Town Center Cold Pressed NFK Munchies

If your resolution was along the lines of “eating better” or “living out a healthier lifestyle” then you are not alone. Health and fitness related goals always top the list of new resolutions and luckily there are Norfolk restaurants that are ready to support your wellness journey. Town Center Cold Pressed is a great place to start with an Easy Cleanse designed for beginners. Their largest location on Colley Avenue also offers salad and smoothie bowls so colorful and delicious you’ll regret not incorporating them into your life sooner.

Town Center Cold Pressed NFK Munchies

The Fruitive locations are also a great ally for anyone looking for healthy and conscious meal choices. By taking on the arduous task of creating 100% plant-based, certified organic, kosher, sustainable, and made from scratch menu items every option at Frutive is guilt free. So stop in to enjoy a slice of avocado toast, a fresh wrap, or waffle. That’s right! Waffles! It’s 2018 folks. Time to get on that healthy waffle bandwagon.

If you resolved to “learn a new skill” then watch out for the occasional classes offered at Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts. In 2017, pastry chef-owner, Kisha Frazier, presented “The Art of Macarons”; a hands-on class that teaches students the techniques for making French macarons. On the other end of the spectrum, Pendulum Fine Meats offers monthly classes on Hog Butchery, Sausage Making, and not just any knife skills but “Basic Knife Skills for Chicken Breakdown”. Spaces are limited and classes fill up fast so be on the lookout for new opportunities to sign up and grow your culinary expertise.

Pendulum Fine Meats NFK Munchies

If “making new friends” or “meeting new people” was somewhere on your list then Chef Ian Hock of Codex might be your new best friend. Codex is a brand-new pop-up restaurant that has been described as a “modern American neighborhood eatery” and is looking to bring that know your neighbor vibe back to the table. Chef Ian’s desire for a monthly, family-style Sunday Supper experience will certainly be a great place to make new friends because as Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Codex NFK Munchies

Finally, if your resolution was to find an Instagram profile that supports locally owned restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups and everything in between then follow @NFKmunchies! We are committed to showcasing the best food in Norfolk for all those who are looking for a great meal and experience. But we don’t want to do it without you! Tag your local favorites with #NFKMunchies to share with us your favorites.

-Written by Leila Mills