New Bonuses Roll Out for Hampton Roads Transit

by | Mar 29, 2023

Hampton Roads Transit just rolled out $5,000 signing bonuses for nearly a dozen open roles.

Every day we see busses, light rail trains, or para-transit vehicles around the city. They’re so commonplace that it’s easy to take them for granted. Yet, Hampton Roads Transit serves over half a million rides every month, which is a huge organizational feat.

Behind those numbers are hundreds of workers. Not just the bus drivers and mechanics, but technology specialists, dispatchers, civil rights coordinators, and much more. A lot is going on under the hood of the whole operation.

The services are really important, too, they help folks get to school, work, doctor’s appointments, and just to see family and friends. Transit is an underrecognized backbone of the community – and it could be getting stronger.

In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly recognized the vital role of transit by passing legislation establishing a dedicated funding stream for public transportation in Hampton Roads. These funds support the new increased frequency service of Hampton Roads Transit — the “757 Express”— expanding access to safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation options throughout the region.

With this funding, along with transit ridership numbers recovering to their pre-pandemic levels, the demand for trained bus operators and mechanics to help keep the region’s public transit agency running may be as high as it’s ever been. Hampton Roads Transit is offering paid training and $5,000 service bonuses for some positions, as well as room for advancement, along with medical, vision, dental, and pension plans for qualifying full-time employees.

Not only is HRT rolling out the benefits red carpet to bring folks in, but the roles can also be intrinsically rewarding as well. More and more workers want their job to be personally rewarding in addition to pay, and working with transit provides that. Being a part of the system that plays such an important role in people’s rides can give your work a sense of pride and purpose. That’s not something you can get in most jobs.

It’s a great chance to check out the roles, meet the team behind the action, and find out if a $5,000 bonus has your name on it. Applicants can also apply online anytime at

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