Selden’s Biggest Yet Celebration of the New Moon

by | Nov 1, 2021

When the moon moves into alignment with the sun (from Earth’s perspective), the sun’s light is reflected off of the far side of the moon. To us earthlings, the moon appears dark and difficult to spot with the naked eye. In this position, the sun and moon’s gravitational pulls are aligned and pulling the same way. This is the New Moon. 


This monthly event punctuates the lunar cycle, marking another turn on our astrological odometer. For many cultures, this day marks an important moment for new beginnings. Across centuries and continents, people have used this day to reflect on their old goals and, more importantly, set new goals.


Selden Market and Velvet Witch have been teaming up for a local celebration of the New Moon since 2019. They bring together a crowd of people eager to reset intentions and manifest new energy for the moon cycle ahead. They gather to learn and build on each other’s energy. It’s become a truly unique event with a blending of commerce, community, and culture. 


This weekend marks the 6th New Moon Market and it’s the biggest yet. It’s so big they’re upgrading to New Moon Festival. For the first time, it will stretch over Friday and Saturday. Friday runs in the evening hours and Saturday takes on the daytime energy. Less than half of the vendors will be present on Friday and Saturday, so if you’re serious on making this an incredible moon cycle, you might need to hit up both days.


Over 50 vendors are joining in to supply ‘manifesters’ crystals, gems, herbs, candles, artwork, and more. Some vendors are local, while others come from across the region. There are even some vendors from as far away as Salem, MA. Live music will be on deck to keep the energy high while “elixirs” (aka some delish adult beverages) flow readily from Stockpot.


Alongside various workshops, attendees can capture their aura in photo form to get a glimpse of their inner energy. Tarot card readings, in-depth astrology analysis, and psychic guidance will all be available for those looking for deeper insights to fuel their intention-setting.


November and December are some of the most stressful months of the year, as family gatherings and events stack up. Taking the time to set in mind the version of yourself that you want to be can help keep you rooted through it all. You don’t need an excuse to reflect on the past and focus on the future, but the New Moon Festival is a damn fun way to do it.


The purposeful change in energy doesn’t have to stop at the market. You can (and should) carry those positive energies forward and into your friends, family, and neighbors. One great tool for passing on that energy is gift-giving. Pick up a few things at the New Moon Festival for those folks to whom you want to spread that energy this year.


The Deets

FRIDAY, 11.05 – 7PM-10PM

SATURDAY, 11.06 – 10AM-5PM

LIVE BANDS & DJs (announced soon)

+ Aura Photos by (Friday & Saturday)

+ Adult Elixirs by The Stockpot Norfolk

+ Tarot, Psychic, & Astrology Readings

+ Workshops

+ Dinner, Treats & Nourishment from a variety of businesses


Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

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