Sky’s The Limit Yoga Co Finally Finds a Home Studio

by | Nov 24, 2021

Black Friday is, according to legend, a day with so much shopping that many businesses go from the red (taking a loss) to the black (making a gain). It’s a super essential sales time for numerous companies across the country. But this Black Friday, one small business in Norfolk is making an even more giant leap from red to black. Sky’s The Limit Yoga Co is finally opening a full brick-and-mortar studio location. 


In 2017 Danielle, the owner of STL, left her corporate gig and moved to Virginia with a dream of opening her yoga studio. In her first month in town, she kicked off a yoga pop-up event at a local brewery, and she hasn’t let up since. Sky’s the Limit has been putting on yoga pop-ups across town non-stop since then. These days it’s common to see at least three a week at breweries, parks, and coffee shops. Even during the pandemic, Danielle and co quickly moved to digital events, with live yoga sessions happening like clockwork.


Sky’s the Limit has established an admirable distinction for making their yoga sessions for everyBODY (emphasis intentional). The culture they’ve built is one of acceptance and accessibility because, at the core, they believe everyone needs a little yoga in their life. Dozens of locals have found their love of yoga through STL and its welcoming approach. 


During this whole four-year journey, the aim has been to find a studio to call home. Danielle has toured dozens of spots over the past few years, and the right place has eluded her. Until now, that is. Sky’s the Limit Yoga Co is opening its long-awaited studio in the Railroad District at 115 W. 25th Street. The space features ample natural light, multiple studios, retail space, an area for coworking, and some to-be-revealed artwork. The pop-up events that we’ve all come to know and love will now have a home that can accommodate nearly a hundred people. 


This Friday, Sky’s The Limit opens the doors for the first time, and they’re making sure it’s fantastic. The day kicks off with one giant class featuring live music (it’s FREE, but get there early). There will be several 20-minute meet-and-greet sessions with various teachers throughout the rest of the day. 


The real kicker, though, is the grand opening membership deals: the team is giving back to the community that got them here in a big way. There are huge discounts on memberships, and those discounts are good FOREVER. As long as you’re a member, you get to keep that OG rate. That’s next- level-loyalty to the fans and customers that helped make this brick-and-mortar dream become a reality. 


Celebrate the Grand Opening of Sky’s the Limit Yoga Co this Friday. 

Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

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