Ten Witchy Shops Around Norfolk to Fuel Your Hallow’s Eve Desires

by | Oct 26, 2021

Hocus Pocus is on repeat in houses around the country this month, but the popularity of witches and their craft has surpassed the kid’s movies and cliches with which we grew up. Look across the internet, and you’d see how popular #Witchtok is on TikTok. The uptick in horoscopes and tarot card readings has left boyfriends everywhere terrified of mercury in retrograde. These trends have not spared Norfolk; in fact, quite the opposite. There’s been a small boom of local shops catering to the millennials. So if you’re looking to get your ritual on or just looking to partake in the aesthetic, here’s a rundown on every witchy shop to supply you during the spookiest time of year.


Aries Apothecary 

Did somebody say Hocus Pocus? The first time I stopped to check out this spot, they were eating popcorn and watching Hocus Pocus at maximum volume; I think it was the end of September, and I was buying myself a handful of birthday crystals. No matter the day, this shop offers a great vibe and a hang-out atmosphere. Upon entering, you’ll see a plethora of little bowls filled with every type of crystal the earth has ever created for us, and you get to pet them all. Located on Granby right by the zoo, you can find more than you’ve ever dreamed up, including loads of handmade soaps, bath bombs and salts, custom-made blends of dried herbs and flower petals, and well-seasoned spiritual support for anything evil you might face. Lest I forget the enormous HEM wall, which every witch knows is the best incense you can buy.

Hot tip: Hit up the website and sign yourself up for the monthly email newsletter to be continually wowed with all sorts of lessons and lore.


Quixotic Arts

Next door to Aries Apothecary sits another must-visit shop full of curiosities, eclectic art, and odd antiques. Impractically idealistic, visionary, rashly unpredictable, or befitting Don Quixote, although pronoucned “kwik’sädik.” Inside, you can find a real gambit of art styles as well as all sorts of bizarre items like windmills, vintage medical equipment, mounted insects, wire-wrapped eyeballs, or even a handful of bones. They also carry the range of NFK neighborhood stickers that everyone is coveting these days. Come here when you need a gift for the one who is impossible to shop for in your life or source any oddity and win the White Elephant gift exchange!

Hot tip: Although their hours look tight, they usually hang around long after closing time, so give a ring if you’re rushing over, and they will probably await your arrival.


Mystic Moon 

Tucked off of Military Highway, this is your one-stop shop for all things witchy. Set very close to the airport, they have their parking lot, a very accessible entryway that seems to double as a portal into another realm, and the most expsansive floor plan you’ve ever seen in the metaphysical category. Mystic Moon boasts “Hampton Roads Oldest Pagan/Wiccan/Occult Shop and Pagan Community Center,” and this family affair lets you feel it all. They even occasionally host aura photography pop-ups and seasonal festival celebrations to keep us all united year-round.

Hot Tip: Be sure to visit their extensive library in the back corner, including some rare, out-of-print, or previously-banned books to keep you company while you rest halfway through your shopping spree.


Kindred Spirit

It’s more than a store; it’s a feeling! (OK, I copied that from their bio, but I can attest, this shop feels–and smells–fantastic) Serving Norfolk for over 23 years, these people have connected with every witch around. Located on East Little Creek Road, this should be a frequent stop for any Ocean Viewer. And it’s not far at all from Mystic Moon, so if you’re on a real crystal bender, you can hit both spots in one day. Over the years, their “products have ebbed and flowed by what the community desires and needs … we are confident you will match with what you are manifesting for yourself.” Tons of glorious silver and stone jewelry, artisan altars, cabinets, boxes, wands, pens, and a layaway option will have you thinking about your visit long after you’ve gone.  

Hot Tip: Listen for purrrrrrs! The shop kitties, Glenda, Bitsy, and Romeo, will greet you and guide you to all sorts of hidden goodies.


A Velvet Witch 

Originally a pop-up in Selden Market, this shop deserves an award for Best Social Media Presence. Recently celebrating the 4th anniversary, this pink-haired, tattooed babe is steady with the Tuesday Lunar Tea series on IGTV that no witch should miss. With a pledge to inclusivity and safe space and a promise of ethical sourcing of all materials, the store now stands covered in ivy on Colonial Ave to serve any spooky babe haunting around Ghent. They also offer guided full moon rituals, natal chart readings, custom crystal packs, and more than could ever be covered in an article like this.

Hot Tip:  Call ahead and tell Ashley your deal; she can conjure up a care package to have you feeling like a rainbow wrapped around the moon in no time at all.


The Crystal Sunflower

If the cobblestones aren’t whimsical enough, the next time you’re in the West Freemason neighborhood, drop into this shop for a magical experience. The owner, Carol, is a highly degreed geologist with the most wonderous factoids to share about crystals and their formation. She keeps a copy of each deck on offer open for you to try before you buy. They also offer online or in-person tarot readings, vibrational sound therapy, and group sound baths to book for you and your best witches. To top things off, they sage and wrap each purchase with the utmost care to guide you back home. Sunflower is the type of shop you come back to over and over again, whether you need more crystals or not.

Hot Tip: Grab a hot tea from Cure next door and enjoy it in the warm love bubble this shop creates.


Apothecafe Botanicals

This one is for the yogi folk! With a heavy focus on Ayurveda and a devotion to Pacha Mama, this shop is alternative, holistic, and caters to the green witches looking for sacred yoni steams and Ayurvedic treatments from face to foot. After a grand re-opening celebration on October 20th, this authentic apothecary now serves up locally made bath and body goods from BIPOC businesses and is operating by appointment for the foreseeable future.  

Hot Tip: This shop is not on Google Maps, so type in 327 Bute St and visit Suite B to elevate your wellness.


Neon Rock Shop

This one might be the most inclusive use of the work ROCK; they’re offering up vinyl and geodes side by side! NRS is where you need to go to channel the ghost of Janis Joplin and find an excellent new palm stone while you’re there. You can also score some seriously cool Norfolk merch and shop CDs and blacklight posters like in the 90s.

Hot Tip: Not only is this entire shop neon, but it’s also in the NEON, the arts district along Granby Street.


Conscious Planet

The best way to stay UNDEAD this spooky season is to keep your tank topped off with delicious plant-based food. Not only do Conscious Planet serves delectable vegan food, smoothies, and juices, they feature loads of books, natural bath and body products, custom copper jewelry, crystals, and smudge sticks. Right on Granby Street in Park Place, this cafe is open daily to keep your vibes high and a smile on your face. They often have live music or a chess match going; stop by here once, and you’ll indeed become a regular.

Hot Tip: There are many different workshops on the calendar to support your energetic needs, so check out their schedule to see if you or someone you love could benefit from this loving and uplifting community.


Zion’s Kreations

Who says the mall is dead? Glowing in the heart of MacArthur, this new shop will have you conquering the parking garage again for handmade jewelry, infused sound bowls, and the most bountiful smudge sticks. Ever wanted crystal brass knuckles? You’ll find them here. Right next to Lush and Pure Lagos at the N2 entrance, we’ve got easy access to crystals and incense right downtown. They offer Reiki healing, pendulum dowsing, chakra analysis and alignment, and aura cleansing by Empresses Jess and Kamil with a mission to empower you to unlock your inner self-healer.  

Hot Tip: Although they just opened this summer, you may recognize them from pop-ups at all sorts of local markets and fairs as they have been in business for over three years now. Witches are hittin’ it big time around here lately.


No matter what sort of witchery you’re up to this spooky season, the array of shops in our beloved mermaid city is sure to fill your every need and desire. Whether or not you can get to each of them before All Hallow’s Eve, be sure to flag them all on your Want To Go list so you can pop in any time you find yourself in a different corner of Norfolk. Now more than ever, it is important to shop local and buy local, so the next time you’re low on tea, soap, candles, or earrings, visit first the shop nearest your dwelling to see what’s new. I promise you that even on your 13th visit, something new will call out to you!


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