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The Legend of Siren City

by | Apr 15, 2021

Long before the seven cities claimed the shores that surround us, sailors still passed through. Old wooden boats, soaked in Tar and sweat, would sail past this land with the wind filling their sails. The harbor was a safe haven with deep waters and quick access to the ocean. That old untamed Virginia must have been quite a sight to see as they sailed in through the mouth of the Chesapeake. But the stories from that era aren’t all calm waters and pristine wilderness. If you were to climb aboard one of these ships for dinner with the crew, you’d be keen to listen to the whispered tales they told after hours. Legends of women so beautiful not a single crew member could turn away. Their songs would carry for miles and miles until they found their way into a sailor’s ear. Tales portend that the songs were enough to drive men mad. Driven by desire some would leap overboard, others grew violent as they fought for the boat to be turned towards them. Oh, the untold number of lost men these coasts have seen. Should the songs be successful in luring a ship toward them, they’d find an untimely end on.  

These were The Sirens.


While scholars debate those old wives tales passed down through the generations, it’s hard to deny the spirit of the sirens has filled the City for generations. Sailors have been drawn into this City, many times against their will or in pursuit of their most devilish desires. Our city has often been reputed for its supply of the vices. Booze, women, gambling, and gluttonous foods have drawn men off their ships docked in the harbor. This old reputation of a seedy den for sailors has been hard to wash away. But even today, we draw in new residents and visitors alike with craft beer, friendly people, extraordinary food, beach leisure, and (soon to return) gambling. It’s the same narrative, just polished up a bit. 


We still are the City of Sirens. 

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