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This Towns Gone to the Dogs: Dogtown’s Raising the Woof

by | Apr 7, 2021

Virality is fickle, but when you’ve got an unlimited amount of golden dog content to content the masses, your chances are looking better than most. Dogtown has dominated social media by dropping the best doggone Instagram posts and TikToks this town has seen. Dogtown is run by the scrappy entrepreneur, Sam Woomer. He’s stood up the preeminent dog spot with incredible haste. A one-man wrecking crew, he did most of the renovations himself. From painting and building walls to scoring unwanted turfs from a university, he’s gotten handy with it. Now Dogtown sees up to 70 dogs some days and has expanded with Dog Perk, an indoor dog park nearby. Here’s to the dogs! 🍻





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