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What Mom’s in Norfolk Actually Want for Mother’s Day

by | May 8, 2021

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and I already know that exactly 72.49% of you are planning on picking up that basic Walgreens greeting card last minute and throwing it on a box of some drugstore chocolates. Well, if that’s you, stop what you’re doing and read this post! Your mom deserves way better than that. I mean, she put up with your childish behavior for 18+ years, you can do better! 


But don’t worry, I’ve got three thoughtful, creative gift ideas that you can use to give your mom the day she deserves. 


  1. Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

Why bother going to buy a dozen overpriced flowers for dear old mom when they willl be wilted and brown by Tuesday? Give your mom the gift of ten thousand flowers with a walk through the botanical gardens. Grab a big blanket or sheet, place an order for her favorite local takeout, pick it up on the way to the Gardens, and wham bam, thank you, mam, you’ve got yourself a perfect mother’s day picnic. Be sure to grab your mom a year’s membership to the Gardens as well so she can enjoy the flowers you got her all year round. 


  1. Tour the Chrysler and pickup sweets

You know your mom deserves the finest that this world has to offer (especially after dealing with you). Luckily you don’t need to buy Birkin bags, and Gucci slides to give your mom a slice of the finer things. The Chrysler Museum is packed full of fine art from across the planet. Admission is free, and you can meander the collection for hours if you want to. Keep the high-brow energy going when you pick up hand-crafted luxury desserts from nearby Hummingbird Macarons and La Brioche Bakery. You can even keep exploring the art on your way because both bakeries are located in the art-covered NEON district. 


  1. Home cook a meal with fresh farmers market produce

Nothing says “I Love You Mom,” like giving your mom a break from cooking. Every other holiday she’s busting her behind trying to put out a decadent spread for the family. It’s time for you to put on a special meal. Hit the East Beach Farmers Market on Saturday or West Side Produce and Provisions all weekend to pick up local, organic produce so you can cook a feast fit for Queens. One last thing, you better not leave any dirty dishes at your mother’s house, or you are absolutely getting all the bad juju. 


  1. Local Retail Therapy 

While I have no data to support this, I know in my soul that all moms love to shop. It just feels super accurate. Take your mom shopping, and pick up the tab on something nice AF. The perfect spot is Selden Market. It’s chock full of local small businesses with diverse offerings, so your mom is going to find the ideal gift. After you shop up a hunger, there are plenty of great dining options downtown. Top spots to try include Stockpot, Brothers, and 219 Bistro. 


Alright, is that enough for you? Do you have the options you need? Put the drugstore card down, and no one will get hurt. Your mom deserves better, and hey, who knows, maybe you’ll have some fun too.  


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