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Hey Norfolk, 

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Paul. It’s great to meet you. This week, our first stories are coming to and I felt like a quick introduction would be appropriate. 

You might already be familiar with NFK. You may have seen (or heard) the Daily Rundown, you may have read the weekly newsletter, or you may have even seen some stickers around town. I hope that soon, you’ll be seeing a lot more from is a great local domain that I picked up years ago for another project. That original project didn’t work out, but I knew the community deserved something special from It took a while to find the right project fit and to find the time to put it all together (thanks, quarantine), but the pieces are finally falling into place. is first and foremost a project of love. Love for the city that we call home, the neighbors and friends we share it with, and the culture and community that we’re helping to create together. 

The mission of is to shed light on the stories in our community that are going uncovered, to support local organizations making our community a better place, and to leave our city better than we found it. We know that ad dollars aren’t enough to support this mission and ads don’t support the community. Instead, we’re supported by a small online shop, that we’ve cheekily started calling the Shop Local Shop.

The Shop Local Shop will feature a revolving assortment of community-focused products. There will be merch that allows you to rep the neighborhoods you love. There will be art and designs by locals that you can make your own. There will be items from local nonprofits and small businesses.  Every purchase goes to support the mission of this project and it pays the creators, organizations, or individuals who’ve crafted those products. 

We’re starting small for now. We’ve got just our first few blog posts and shop products dropping this week. With your support, there will be a lot more to come. Welcome aboard. 

Fired up about NFKand want to help out? Here are the best ways to do so: