A Decade of Women-Run Comedy – Panties in a Twist Rocks The Norva This Weekend

by | Aug 10, 2022

2012 feels like a century ago, given the weight of world happenings. Thankfully, a band of merry women has been helping us stay light-hearted for over ten years. Back in 2012, the Norva paused its usual production of concerts for a performance of a different sort. 30+ women got on stage throughout the night to fill the historic venue with laughter and applause. It was the first ever Panties in a Twist comedy show. 

Year after year, crowds have gathered for a night of sketch comedy by this all-female group. The show includes more than just female performers; the writers, directors, and even stage techs are all women. In a world where studios, streaming services, and algorithms still favor men, Panties is a bright shining reminder that the bench of women comedians is deep. The group likes to mention that, as far as they can tell, it’s the largest all-female show in the country and potentially the world. Performers from the group have gone on to national productions and run individual performances; however, the group isn’t all veterans. For some performers, it will be their very first time on stage. 

The sketches performed span a wide variety of topics and material. Some are musical, some cover current events, and some are just damn funny. While the scripts for all sketches are original, at least one every year parodies TV and movies from pop culture. Past attendees frequently highlight that the parody pieces are huge crowd pleasers. 

Since the inaugural show in 2012, the performance has been to Harrison Opera House, Attucks Theater, the Wells Theater, and more of the region’s most prestigious venues. They’re returning to where it all started for Saturday’s tenth-anniversary show: The Norva. Both Friday and Saturday nights are likely to (again) be sell-out shows.

The legendary Pushers Comedy Group, leading a comedic resurgence in Norfolk, produces the show. Alongside the annual Panties in a Twist show, they’ve held countless other comedy nights and have grown to run both a dedicated comedy theater and comedy training center. 

FRI, AUGUST 12, 2022

Doors 7:00 pm. Show 8:00 pm

Show link 

SAT, AUG 13, 2022

Doors 7:00 pm. Show 8:00 pm

Show link 

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