Beyond The Beanstalk: New Immersive Theater Performance Explores Jack’s Mysterious Life

by | Feb 16, 2023

We’ve all heard the tale of the savvy trader and natural-born adventurer Jack – and his giant beanstalk, of course. The tale is old as time and has been retold thousands of times through the years. But typically, the story that starts with a few magic beans ends when the giant falls to his death. They leave us with just the “happily ever after.”

But what really happened in the years after the famous tale? A new immersive theater production at the Hermitage seeks to show attendees just that “ with this mysteriously whimsical exploration of what we build and what we leave behind.”

The House that Jack Built is the 7th immersive theater production by Patrick Mullins. The highly lauded performances have whisked patrons into entirely new worlds from the expansive grounds of the Hermitage Museum and Gardens.  Past performances have taken unique angles on classic stories of Hansel and Gretel, werewolves, the old west, ghosts, and more.

A band of characters cast from local thespians will lead attendees through portals and passageways into the fantastic world of the acclaimed giant killer Jack. The up to three-hour adventure features costumed actors, decorated sets, lights, and music that is meant to envelop guests in the performance. Attendees can even interact directly with some of the “residents” of Jack’s estate, making every show unique and personal.

Will the show include beanstalks, giants, magic, and trading? Well, the details for this year’s performance have been guarded secretly so far. The Hermitage staff told us just, “well, they’ll have to come find out for themselves.” The mystery is intense.

This year’s immersive performance has been expanded to three weekends to accommodate the demand seen for the most recent shows. Reviews of past shows have called the experiences “exhilarating,” “a whirlwind of fun,” and “a must-see event.”

Ticket times are available between 6:10 and 8:20 pm each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 2nd through March 18th.

You can buy tickets at The Hermitage Museum and Garden’s website.

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