Elation Kicks Off Annual IPA Invitational Series

by | Jun 29, 2022

In the athletics world, there are elite events across many sports known as invitationals. These grand championships are typically a display of the finest in their category, curated by hard-to-obtain invitations. The Master’s Tournament may be the best example, exuding prestige and properness. 

Invitational-style events haven’t yet broken into the craft beer world, but that’s changing up on the north end of Colley Avenue. Elation Brewing is kicking off the First Annual IPA Invitational featuring 12 breweries from across the Commonwealth. Each brewery has been hand-selected for the immense brewing skill on display in their IPAs. It wouldn’t be a proper invitational without a compassionate dose of class, though, and Elation is not missing it. The brewery will dedicate proceeds to three incredible non-profit organizations: Indigo Adult Autism Services, CHKD Pediatric Oncology & Hematology, and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association – VA Chapter.  

Although there is one thing that sets this event apart from your traditional invitationals – no judges panel or scorecard picking determines the winner. The attendees will jump in feet first and decide who’s got the tastiest IPA. There will be 24 different IPAs on tap with styles ranging from friendly session IPAs and hazy IPAs to the double and triple IPAS for the real fanatics. That may sound like a lot of beer to taste (spoiler: it is), but it will go down easier with the right food. Elation and the Bakehouse at Elation will provide bratwursts, wood-fired pizzas, and other fare purpose-fit for beer sipping. 

Tying off the IPA invitational lineup is a stage with a packed schedule. Nate Sacks, the Olde James River Jazz Band, and the Brightsmiths will be filling the airwaves with the tunes. That’s the cherry on top of an already prodigious day of world-class beer. Elation Brewing is setting up the IPA Invitational as an annual event that could grow into one of the east coast’s premier beer events. 

The magic happens this Saturday, July 2nd, at 1:00 pm. You can grab tickets here. 

Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

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