Greyhound Station Dreams

by | Dec 16, 2021

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The City of Norfolk’s Economic Development Office has put out an official RFP – a request for proposal – for transforming the former Greyhound station at the corner of Granby and Brambleton. This structure sits prominently at the gateway between the formal downtown area and the NEON District. It’s a unique building with classic looks and high potential.

The city is gearing up to review proposals to make this cornerstone property a gem to behold downtown. Rightfully so, they only want to hear from serious folks about transforming this spot. They have to make a responsible decision with taxpayer dollars, and they don’t want to take on any more risk than they have to.

City of Norfolk Press Release

Full RFP from Economic Development

But here at Team NFKVA, we feel like our community is full of visionaries, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and other inspired folks who have boatloads of ideas for the old Greyhound Station. Many might not have the experience executing on projects of this scale, the funds to make it happen alone, or the time to commit to it. Regardless of these community members’ ability to be considered by Economic Development, those grassroots ideas still hold value.

We want to hear your biggest, boldest, and most radical ideas for the project so we can share them with the community. Will they all come to fruition? Definitely not. Could one or two of them inspire the project and make it better? We think so.

Fill out this form with your vision. We don’t care if it’s a music venue, a roller rink, affordable housing, a student kitchen, an art studio, greenspace, a sculpture garden, brewery, grocery store, or 125 1/10th scale replicas of City Hall. We don’t care if it’s just an idea, a link to a vision board, a couple of sketches, or a full-on architectural blueprint. Please send them our way. We’ll do our best to republish them all – within reason.


Submit your dreams here

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