Kicking It With Krampus at Maker’s Craft Brewery

by | Dec 1, 2022


Deep in the Alps certain forests are nearly unreachable by humans. Legend says they still hold the magic of the old times. Unsurprisingly, the communities around these woodlands have a unique Christmas tradition. When old Saint Nick ventures into their towns, he’s not alone. He’s accompanied out of the woods by a dark and menacing creature: Krampus. The Krampus is typically portrayed as hairy, with two cloven feet, a long pointed tongue, and horns adorned on its head. That’s enough to send the toddlers, and even some adults, screaming with terror. 


In these towns, Saint Nick traditionally drops off citruses, dried fruits, and the occasional nut-heavy chocolates for the good children. The naughty children get a visit from Krampus. The most friendly stories say that Krampus would beat these naughty children with birch rods. The most sinister talk of kidnapping, drowning, or devouring them. It’s less of a good cop bad cop combo and more of a fruitcake-gifter and soul-sucking demon combo. 


Some Krampus lore says it’s customary to offer the Krampus schnapps as they romp through town. Were those shots bribes to entice Krampus to go hard on an especially annoying kid? Scholars disagree, but we’re confident in saying, “hell yeah, it was”. 


Norfolk’s pretty far from the Alpine forests, but locals have decided that Krampus is a refreshing take on the standard Christmas traditions. Deep down, we all want a holiday hero who doesn’t force you to buy gifts for other people or leave the milk out. A guy who doesn’t like kids but loves to grab a drink? Apparently, more and more folks think that’s perfect – at least compared to a big guy who’s a little too into toys. 


Krampus is taking over Maker’s Craft Brewery this Sunday for an off-beat holiday celebration. Alongside costumed Krampuses and beer, there will be kid’s activities, music, and a full Krampus-themed vendor market. 


Vendors Include
NuLand Hot Stuff Company, Sour Studio, Lizzie B Crafts, Crafts on Corprew, Critical Hit Creations, Apple Of My Eye Crafts, B4K3 Baking Services, 1623 & Co., A&K Crafters, Sanctuary Glass, Chip Hudson Art, Ellie’s Cellar, Jenna’s Creation, K&D Fashionz, Rogue Crafters, Valin Ilith Productions, Yoni Girl, Craving Sensations, Sweet Dream Boutique, Mama Making Graphics, Jim’s Wood Creations, Hoppin’ Collies Creative Collections, Fairy Hair Extraordinaire, The Casket Bootique, Sunshine and Dinghy’s, and more.


Church Street Krampus
Sunday December 4th, 2022
2:00 pm 
Maker’s Craft Brewery
735 E 23rd Street
Norfolk, VA 2350

Paul Stetson Rice

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