Light The Torch! Shining in the City with Torch Bistro

by | Apr 7, 2021

In a world of Instagram-driven food trends, food truck-driven variety, and a thriving local culinary scene, Torch shines the light that guides us home to our roots. Classic American bar food is the name of the game. Torch delivers the soul-warming and liquor-soaking comfort food that you’re craving after a full 60-hour workweek. When you break out of the office and you’re ready to cut loose, Torch will hit ya with the buffalo chicken grilled cheese, a pimento and fried egg burger, or their extra tall turkey sandwich known only as “The Bat”. Ol’ Torch knows us too well. They know to pair it up with a full bar drink menu. From classic American lagers to crafty local IPAs, their draft list is stacked for happy hour. Don’t forget their full bar means you can look down the barrel of a few well shots or reach for the top shelf. Head out to the yard and warm your body by the fire (if the drinks didn’t do that already).

Torch Bistro Norfolk

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