Mi Amore: Grandiflora & Fauna in Chelsea

by | Apr 7, 2021

Among a well-loved garden sits a bright yellow respite on the corner of Boissevain and Orapax. Inside it are three caretakers with well-thought menus and decor ready to guide you to calm and serenity on this quiet corner of Chelsea. Grandiflora Wine Garden is serving up a variety of ‘natural’ wines that hold reverence for traditional viticulture. The harmony continues with a fully vegetarian menu crafted in special coordination with the seasons and the wines on hand. Grandiflora is ripe with a full experience worth spending a few hours relaxing in. While you could just absorb the zen vibes from the garden, you can also stay in the thoughtfully renovated rooms onsite. The Inn makes use of its full 1916 charm to delight guests while they relax between scrumptious meals and seeing the sites.


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