MINUTEMEN: Local Bike Shop Leaps Into Action

by | Nov 2, 2021

Have you ever called a plumber, and they show up for 1 hour and 2 minutes, and they charge you two whole hours of labor? We’re so used to every maintenance specialist and contractor charging us by the hour and then rounding up that we hardly bat an eye anymore. That practice probably makes sense for many trades but damn if it isn’t refreshing to see something different.


Local Bike Shop has taken the seemingly radical approach of charging by the minute for repairs. That commitment to not ripping you off is a purposeful part of their community-first values. The shop was born out of cyclists who helped organize community rides with Bike Norfolk, Social Cycling, and the ERT. When the pandemic hit their day jobs and launched a boom in biking, they heard the call and leaped into action to fill demand in the community.


The shop is transparent and accessible, with an open format, straightforward pricing, and often featuring onsite coffee. You’ll often hear the LBS team mention that all riders are welcome. They emphasize that riding slow or on an old, restored bike is totally cool, as long as you’re having a good time doing it. 


The two dudes behind the shop are Cole Friendman and Jason Agola. They embarked on the journey of building LBS amid peak pandemic uncertainty. The timing was a double-edged sword. Solo outdoor recreation, like biking, was booming. Customers were lining up for bikes, but that global spike in demand alongside new supply chain issues resulted in massive shortages. Nonetheless, they pivoted and started cranking out fully custom bikes, frequently using restored vintage steel frames. That old-school swagger made anew has been a huge hit, and requests for custom builds are growing steadily. 


They’ve brought more than just a new bike shop to town, though. The small team has amplified community by adding more group rides, events, and workshops to calendars across the city. Their shop rides, Super Casual Wednesday Rides, and Slow Mo Sunday Rides have become staples in the community. 


Education is a vital part of this community-first approach. LBS is growing the ranks of bike riders in the city by helping folks be more confident, knowledgeable, and experienced. Dozens of riders got their first bikes from LBS, learned how to make repairs from them at an ERT workshop, or made new friends to ride with at a shop group ride. 


This weekend Local Bike Shop celebrates one year in business with a loaded Sunday. The Pink Dinghy’s supplying the doughnuts, Prescription Coffee is brewing up that bean juice, and the main event is an extra big Slow-Mo Sunday ride. 


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Sunday, November 7th at Local Bike Shop NFK

9 AM ’til 3 PM


Donuts 9 AM till sellout

Locally baked by The Pink Dinghy


Ridin’ at 10:30 AM

1 hr (ish) ride // slow & steady pace

All bikes welcome

All ages & riders welcome!


Coffee 9 AM til Noon (every Sunday!)

Espresso & fresh beans by Prescription Coffee / Cold Brew by Vessel Craft Coffee


Complete bikes for sale

Discounts & Specials all day long

Bike Drop-Offs & Quick fix specials

Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

Paul is the creator of NFKVA.com. He was born and raised in Norfolk, graduated from Virginia Tech, and narrowly avoided law school. Chat with him about economics, entrepreneurship, hip-hop, and hiking. When he's not working on five different projects, you'll catch him sharing a beer with friends at a local brewery.

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