Moving their Business to Norfolk, Hosting Community Events, and landing a Beer Collab: Meet the Couple Who’s Doing it All

by | May 23, 2023


Movement is Medicine, a recent addition to the North Colley business corridor, announced a double whammy of community events this week. While they’ve just opened their Norfolk location less than a year ago, they’ve wasted no time in engaging the community. This weekend, they’re hosting both a memorial day Murph workout and dropping a collaboration beer with Benchtop Brewing. 


Marc Adams and Amanda Bennet are the soon-to-be-married co-owners of Movement is Medicine. The two met while attending ODU, completed the Physical Therapy program together, and graduated in 2018. After stints with some of the region’s leading physical therapy practices, the two set off to start their own. 


In September 2020, they kicked off their practice in Chesapeake at an office park tucked away in Greenbrier. Despite the somewhat off-the-beaten-path location, Amanda’s relationship with the local dance community and a ton of community-focused events kept their office humming with activity. 


While the location was a great place to start and grow their business, they knew they wanted to find a place closer to their home and community in Colonial Place. After two years of growing in Chesapeake and keeping a close eye on Norfolk locations, they finally found a space on Colley between 42nd and 43rd streets. 


They spent over 12 weeks renovating the place to get it presentable to their clients, and they finally opened their doors in August 2022. They didn’t hesitate to welcome the community in. 


Since opening, they’ve hosted yoga sessions, runners workshops, recovery for rowing clubs, and a whole lot more. On any given day, the office is buzzing with injury recovery, athlete rehab, massages, and more. They’ve even taken to sharing their daily schedule on their Instagram, showing just how much is happening. 

This weekend, just three weeks before their wedding, they have two big community events happening. First, they’re hosting a Murph workout on Saturday, May 27th. The Murph is a memorial workout named after  Fallen Navy Seal, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, and it includes two 1-mile runs, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats. Traditionally, the whole workout is done with a weight vest too, but Marc assured us they’d be adjusting the workout to fit all skill levels. 


This weekend they also are celebrating the release of their collaboration beer with Benchtop Brewing. The beer is called “I Used To Be An Athlete” and is made in an “athletic” style. The beer is low ABV, low calorie, and as gluten-reduced as they can get it. The beer drops Saturday, May 27, on the same day as the Murph workout. Even if you don’t make the Murph, you can join Marc and Amanda as they taste the first batch at around 12:30 pm on Saturday. 


If you want to join the Murph workout, you can sign up here

To follow along as Marc and Amanda grow Movement is Medicine and to make sure you never miss an event, follow them on their instagram.

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