Mudita Cafe Brews Up Joy in Ocean View

by | Jul 15, 2021

Ocean View residents and beach-goers have become a chorus of voices in recent years, yearning for more restaurants, coffee shops, and retail options in the area. The beaches are great low-key spots, but folks want a little more out of their in-town trip to the shore. 


Well, this week, there’s a reason to rejoice. OV native Madison Hahn and partner Kate Bianchi are opening at a sun-filled cafe on First View Street. Mudita Cafe & Coffeehouse’s grand opening will be this Saturday, July 17th. After a few weekends of soft openings garnering rave reviews, they’re officially ready to bring their craft coffee and scrumptious fare to Ocean View. 


Mudita means joy in Sanskrit and is often used to reference the elation one can receive just by seeing another person happy. At one of their soft openings, the mudita was clearly on display. Madison and Kate were bubbling with joy as they interacted with every customer in the shop. The concept of mudita is deeply ingrained in their culture as they strive to make sure every customer is finding satisfaction in their space. 


Mudita Cafe and Coffeehouse is also a bit of a fresh experience for Ocean View. While the third wave of coffee shops continues to flourish in Ghent and the Railroad District, Ocean View hasn’t seen much of the action. Cova Brewing recently came to East Beach, but that’s still a 10-minute drive from First View’s core Ocean View amenities. 


Coffee at Mudita is internationally sourced but roasted right up the river in Richmond. It comes from a Blanchard’s in RVA, a name that should be familiar to the coffee aficionados in the region. With Blanchard’s beans, Mudita is offering up a menu for all coffee experience levels. They’re turning out your traditional drips and pour-overs as well as craft lattes and specialties like their lemonade cold brew seltzer. 


Of course, the food also aims to bring tasty contentment. Featured on the menu are classic breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon, avocado toasts, and freshly baked cinnamon rolls that are sure to bring joy to tastebuds everywhere. For pride month, they had the waffle iron-pumping out rainbow waffles. So you can expect more fun and experimental food options coming to the menu in the future.


The comfortably open and light-filled space helps to elevate Cafe Mudita’s already acclaimed coffee and chow. Big windows in the front pour natural light on every table and chair. The classy and laid-back decor will make you feel at home, enticing you to stay and chat well after you devour your sandwich. And if you can’t stand to be away from the beach for more than a few minutes, their outdoor patio is stocking fresh air and radiant sunset views. 


So far, it looks like Mudita Cafe will be bringing a ton of much-welcomed coffee and culinary delight to OV. Join them this weekend for their Grand Opening celebration or grab something delectable to go.


The Deets:

Grand Opening 

Saturday, July 17th

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Raffles of coffee, tea, gift cards

Limited time pastries

Expanded menu options

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