Off the Bench and On Top of the World: Benchtop Swings Big

by | Apr 7, 2021

Benchtop hit the scene at peak craft beer hype in 2015, but as other breweries fell off, Benchtop stepped up. A staff member told me that their award shelf is approaching the size of the Slover because they’re racking up beer accolades like Shaun White racks gold medals. Their innovation game is unmatched in town with multiple new beers dropping weekly. See for yourself, they literally have a beer library on their website to document the progress. Every iteration of old beer past is better than the last and keeps the regulars coming back for their next favorite. Throughout the past year, they’ve finished off an expanded outdoor seating area with wide-open views of the ERT. They’re far from the last inning, but it’s already clear they won’t be benchwarmers.





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