The purpose of NFK is to give voice to the unheard stories, build community identity, and provide a new platform for local commerce. We love the greater Norfolk area and we intend to leave it better than we found it.

Local media has been in a state of decline and decimation in our region. We aren’t unique in this. Towns, cities, and counties across the country are losing the outlets that serve them. One core problem is that the ad revenue on which these outlets rely has declined substantially. Media and news from NFK are supported by the shop. When you buy from our shop, you support our efforts to cover the region and you also support the business or artist whose product you purchased.

This publication will feel a bit different than most, and that’s on purpose. We’re striking out on a new path, so unlike the media outlets of the past, we don’t pretend to be objective. The stories featured here are from members of our community. We encourage those contributors to celebrate what they love, offer suggestions for improving the community around them, or shed light on lesser-known subjects.


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