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Pedal Pusher Returns! Bingo is Back in Action for Bike Month!

by | Apr 30, 2021

Beer, Biking, and Bingo: That’s the name of the game as Pedal Pusher Bingo Returns. 

For the second year running, Pedal Pusher Bingo is sweeping the streets. The collaboration between Smartmouth, the Elizabeth River Trail, and Local Bike Shop NFK is sending eager cyclists across the city on a scavenger hunt worthy of “Pee-Wee’s Great Adventure.” This ‘Most Drinkable Game’ begins at Smartmouth Brewing, where you can pick up a 4 pack of Pedal Pusher IPA. On the beer, you’ll find a QR code with access to your bingo card. Oh, and that can is more than just your list of clues. It’s full of Pedal Pusher IPA which won a Gold Medal with Veer Magazine and patrons on Untappd have called it ‘Crushable.’ It’s packed with Citra, Samba & Motueka hops giving it a soft and tropical-inspired flavor. Sounds like a hell of a way to start an adventure. 


After you’ve got your beer and bingo card, it’s time to start hunting down those clues. There’s no telling what the creative minds at these organizations have cooked up, but here’s a few from last year:


Pizza Party: Carry a pizza box while riding your bike

Ferry Good: Take your bike on the Waterside District Ferry

High-Five: Find and high-five 5 City of Norfolk Mermaids

Where will you end up this year? Hunting for sculptures in the Hermitage gardens? Leaving wishes on the Redgate Wishing Tree? Playing Go Fish at the site of the future casino?


The tricky part is after you find the clues though. While you’re doing all that living-in-the-moment and solving riddles and performing tasks, you’ve got to remember to document your two-wheelers journey. Pics or it didn’t happen–soo snag some proof and post it to the gram! 


What’s a game without a winner and a prize though? The grand prize winner gets a membership to Smartmouth’s Inner Circle, Local Bike Shop NFK tune-ups, and fresh swag from the Elizabeth River Trail.


Kick Bike Month off with a whirlwind of biking, beer, and adventure with Pedal Pusher Bingo. Beer will be available April 30th and Bingo starts May 1st. 


For the full rules and regulations please here. 

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