Rocker’s Dozen: 14 Band Festival at Toast this Saturday

by | Aug 24, 2022

Just before where the sidewalk ends on 24th street, an inconspicuous gravel lot beneath a looming cell tower is usually full of cars. Most days, it serves as the overflow parking for Toast and Perro Blanco, two of Park Place’s favorite spots for kicking back with the crew. 

This Saturday is different, though. The space will transform into a stage for one of the region’s premiere cultural showcases: LAVA MiniFest. 

You’re likely familiar with them now, but LAVA Presents is a music promoter organizing shows, concerts, and festivals since 2015. LAVA MiniFest is the group’s more-than-annual headline event and exemplifies their curatorial skill. Undoubtedly, this prowess will be on display Saturday with an ample and genre-diverse selection of bands on the lineup. 

Over nine hours, 14 bands will play for a crowd of hundreds from across the Commonwealth. The genres range from indie-pop to shoegaze, fresh takes on punk, and more. The acts will be a mix of familiar and new for local show aficionados. While several bands call the 757 home, others will travel from far-flung parts of Virginia and even as south as Orlando. 

Standout acts to watch for include Norfolk’s Crime Line, The Pauses stopping in on their 11-show tour, and Shagwüf coming down 64 from Charlottesville. 

Crime Line, containing nearly the entire staff of LeGrand Kitchen, has developed a loyal following in Norfolk. The band evolved from a previous project, Norfolk Nightmares, and brought on Raymond Braza as the rocket fuel-powered frontman. Their punchy and fast punk brings immense energy that could invigorate any crowd. With plenty of classic rock ‘n roll musical stylings, their original works feel almost nostalgic to the heyday of leather jackets and motorcycles. 

Orlando’s The Pauses, stopping by Toast off their East Coast tour, self-describes as a “beep boop” rock band. The robotic references are clear in their distortion-heavy tunes. The synthy rock beats can create an almost video game atmosphere with rhythm building as if climbing to the next level. Singer Tierney Tough’s sometimes somber, sometimes anthemic vocals lead the tracks through electrifying soundscapes. With over eight years as a band under their belt, their experience is sure to shine through this Saturday. 

Charlottesville’s Shagwüf has been described as “Gutter-glam swamp-rock […] on a mission.” The description seems fitting for the melting pot of inspiration that is clear in their music. Surfy, stoner guitars, pop-punk vocals, and splashes of disco, psychedelic rock, Latin dancehall, and pop create dense and captivating tracks. The band seems to effortlessly switch tempos and moods in a way that tightly holds the audience’s attention.

Alongside Crime LineShagwüf, and The Pauses, LAVA MiniFest features Piranha RamaLadadaPet NameRaise Hell Over The Summer, Lobby BoySuperfangDayripperCor De Lux, Wilde Owl, Deer Scout, and Anna Leonard

Doors open at 2, the show starts at 2:30 and runs through 11 pm—refreshments by Perro Blanco / Toast. NFK Currents will be onsite with a Norfolk merch pop-up. 

Tickets are on sale here. 


Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

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