STEM is Going Places with Nauticus’ Newest Exhibit

by | Jun 16, 2021

This summer at Nauticus is going to be more hands-on than ever before. The incredible team at Nauticus has brought in an exhibit from the internationally renowned SciTech. Going Places is a hands-on exhibit focused on transportation that teaches an abundance of STEM lessons without you even noticing it. 


After a year of remote learning and clicking away on keyboards, the kids are ready to leap into the real world. Going Places joins Nauticus’s already highly unique mix of marine science, military history, and nautical novelties to offer a dive into the real world of transportation. If you’ve enjoyed hanging out by the battleship, sailboats, and cruise terminal, there’s way more to dive into now. 


Across 17 different exhibits, you’ll be flexing that brain to solve physics problems of all sizes. Parents can float off the ground in a hovercraft chair and be pushed around by their little ones with ease. Hop on a recumbent racer to learn aerodynamics while you try to best your friends in a race. All ages will enjoy testing their flight skills as they pilot planes and drones through the sky. Guests will even be able to design their very own cities with transportation grids and build virtual engines. Land yachts, cargo ships, and airports also make appearances among the exhibits. 


Luckily for the adults among us, the fun isn’t just for the kids; there will be several evening events throughout the summer. Big Wisky Porch will be hosting music, food, and adult beverages while the exhibits stay open late. Coming up first in the summer lineup will be jazz/R&B quintet MOER performing this Thursday. Tickets are discounted to just $7.57 as well!


With that amount of fun and entertainment, you’ll surely want to make the trip back a few times over the summer. The exhibit runs through October, so Nauticus and Going Places can absolutely be recurring recreation for the family. Grab your captain’s hat and bring the whole crew down to Nauticus to experience this transportation-themed arcade serving up STEM lessons for all ages. 


Summer Nights

June 17 featuring MOER. Grab Tickets Here

July 22 

August 19th  


June 12– October 10

Ticket Details:

– FREE for Nauticus Members

– Included in General Admission Ticket ($15.95/adult* & $11.50/child* *plus tax)


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