That’s One Bad Birch: Norfolk’s Finest Beer Bar Kicks Glass

by | Apr 7, 2021

Chelsea’s Birch Bar has been flourishing since it got its start in 2011. That’s before we even had breweries in town (how did we ever live?) making them the OG local craft beer pioneers. In the past decade, they’ve never slowed down or strayed from their true calling of providing the finest beer experience in Norfolk. The constantly changing 26 draft beers, ciders, and meads are enough to keep even the most beer literate on their toes. However, it doesn’t stop at that liquid gold; The Birch is dropping grilled cheeses and charcuterie like it’s going out of style. Cutting the hype, this team is truly turning out a wildly professional beer experience in a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere. This is the crème de la cream stout.

Birch Bar Norfolk

Photo by @visitnorfolkva on Instagram.



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