The Return of LAVA MiniFest: The Jams Strike Back

by | Aug 18, 2021

In Act 1, LAVA erupted with the original LAVA MiniFest. All rejoiced at the music explosion in a small looked-over corner of the city. The battle-tested promoters at LAVA Presents emerged victorious with a new crown jewel in the schedule of shows. The world was at peace. 


In Act 2, we find the local scene thriving with LAVA MiniFest at the forefront of the action. Hopes were high among the tattooed and rosy-eyed melophiles, but clouds gathered on the horizon with sinister intent. The pandemic storm came down, and LAVA’s beloved festival took a hit. A sucker punch dealt by the hand of fate brought a stop to the reverie. 


In Act 3, our hero rebuilds. Needles pierced arms, and light pierced the darkness. With vaxes flowing, LAVA MiniFest is getting back on its feet and into the ring. With the tempo at its back, two stages of action, and the crowd clamoring, LAVA MiniFest returns to Toast on September 10th.


Defend the stage and muscle for the lead alongside a battery of euphonious acts. Gone, Evolfo, Berries, Babe Club, Danet Jackson, Bamm Bamm, Opin, Broken Beaches, Garcia Peoples, Koren Grace, and Sunny Moonshine are bringing Lava MiniFest back to its former glory. 


Pick up your tickets and dive into the long-anticipated return of LAVA MiniFest. 



Toast // Perro Blanco // Frank & Pattys



Young Vets Brewing Co // Toast


Paul Stetson Rice

Chelsea, NFK

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