This Norfolk Gym Rocks: Reaching New Heights with Latitude

by | May 17, 2022

Latitude Climbing + Fitness is Norfolk’s first rock climbing gym. For those that have a love of climbing or bouldering, or for people looking for a new way to shake up their fitness routine, Latitude has got you covered!

You can find Latitude on Lindsay Avenue in Ghent. With 5,500 square feet of bouldering terrain, it’s the perfect place to build upon your existing bouldering skills if you’ve got ’em. Or, if you’re fresh in the climbing game, it’s a great place to start a strong foundation of your climbing knowledge. Climbing can be intimidating for first-timers, but the Latitude community, including warm and welcoming staff and fellow climbers, all support each other and make people of all different skill sets feel welcome. There are boulders of varying difficulty levels to meet visitors at their unique climbing challenge level. For newer climbers, thorough instruction is available to ensure they have the knowledge and confidence to help them achieve that next climbing level.

Route setting is an art that Latitude has mastered, utilizing their talented route setters to develop various challenging and creative climbing patterns to shake routines up, provide a good workout, and overall help climbers experience new and exciting challenges. They use a circuit grading technique to allow climbers to progress quickly in their training. You can find out more about Latitude’s circuit grading here.

The Many Levels of Latitude

While rock climbing is the most apparent and unique draw to this Norfolk gym, Latitude has much more to offer than its boulders. Visitors can enjoy yoga classes and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes. These group classes also vary in skill level and focus. HIIT classes range from total core workouts to classes separately focusing on upper or lower extremities, ensuring everyone gets the exercise they desire.  

Latitude President Marisa Beck shared that “Latitude is an incredibly special place designed for adults and children alike who are looking for a unique, fun, and challenging experience. We welcome newcomers and experienced climbers alike, and also open our doors to fitness enthusiasts with our HIIT programming, Rogue equipment, and inspirational yoga classes.” 

Latitude’s Longevity

Latitude has gained a significant following, from climbing experts who grew up in the mountainous West to fans of workouts beyond a jog through town. They opened a second location in Virginia Beach a couple of years ago, further growing and strengthening the climbing community throughout Hampton Roads.

Latitude also hosts a summer camp program to introduce kids to rock climbing and hosts events such as birthday parties in their private event rooms.

You can visit Latitude for a class or open gym time Monday through Friday from noon until 10 pm, Saturdays from 9 am – 10 pm, or Sundays 9 am – 8 pm. The gym offers various membership tiers, from day passes to unlimited visit packages.

To find out more about what Latitude is up to and its upcoming events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Tiffany Frazier

Ghent, NFK

Tiffany grew up in Chesapeake but has called Norfolk home for the past seven years. She fell in love with the city while working with Festevents during college summer breaks. She graduated from James Madison University (Go Dukes!) with a degree in corporate communication. Tiffany now works as a digital marketing specialist and enjoys strolling and rollerblading her way around Norfolk. She lives in Ghent with her husband Trevor, and their two cats, Tux and Joe. 

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