This week in NFK: Norfolk’s New Senate Seat, Willoughby Drone Launch, NYE Shenanigans, Ol’ Fezzelwig, & more.

by | Dec 31, 2021


Residents in the 89th House District, mark your calendars for the January 11th special election. Jackie Glass and Giovanni Dolmo face-off at the ballot box. Rip it.  

The Virginia Supreme Court approved new House, Senate, and Congressional maps. See how the plans impact you. Rip it. 

A newly approved Senate District 21 now covers almost all of the City of Norfolk. Rip it. 

Incoming Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi shares his plans to reorganize the office around “community prosecution.” Rip it. 

The new top prosecutor in Norfolk’s federal courthouse vows to restore trust with the community. Rip it. 

NSU Professor Dr. Lanois reflects on the significance of this year’s Kwanza celebration. Rip it. 

Construction at “The Lofts at Front Street” surfaced a 100-year-old beer bottle from a historic Norfolk brewery. Rip it. 

The minimum wage in Virginia increases to $11 on Saturday. Rip it. 

NSU is moving back the start of the semester and requiring booster shots for all students, staff, and faculty as COVID cases rise. Rip it.

The Norview High School Robotics team is seeking community support to rebuild after COVID cancellations and lost funding. Rip it. 

Thousands of Norfolk-based sailors will remain on deployment longer than expected. Rip it. 

Included for a second week: 

A for-profit subsidiary of NRHA has invested $250 million through 2019 but only $35 million was in Norfolk and a million dollars in profit never went back to NRHA. (Part 1) Rip it.  

Journalist Jim Morrison provides evidence that the ‘missing funds’ may have ended up as second salaries to NRHA employees. (Part 2) Rip it. 


Tickets are on sale for the 10th Anniversary Panties In A Twist presented by Push Comedy Theater at the Norva. Rip it. 

Muse Writer’s Center has announced its winter and spring class lineup. Rip it. 

Ready to meet other music artists and professionals in the 757? Hit up Norf Music Social and Networking. Rip it. 

Catch Tuan Andrew Nguyen’s “The Boat People” before it leaves the Chrysler on Sunday. Rip it. 

757 Headspace’s first event “Open Floor” featuring over a dozen choreographers comes to ODU’s Univesity Theater on January 27th. Rip it. 

Close out “From My Heart To Your Home” this weekend at Gallery 21. Rip it. 

Currently on Display:
Fence Street Gallery in the NEON District. Rip it.
Pier Luigi Nervi: Art and Science of Building at Chrysler Museum. Rip it. 
Karen LaMonte: Théâtre de la Mode at Barry Art Museum. Rip it. 
Tuan Andrew Nguyen: The Boat People at Chrysler Museum. Rip it. 
Alpha / Beta at Offsite Gallery. Rip it. 


Entrepreneurs have turned the Cary Weston house in historic Freemason into a wellness retreat. Rip it. 

$394,000 of state funding will go towards transforming the Willoughby Boat Ramp into a testing site for surface and underwater drones. Rip it. 

Rohn Sitjar, owner of 757 Crave, the BB-64 Cafe, and the Big Wisky Porch passed this week after a battle with COVID. Rip it. 

Historic 801 Boush Street and the attached retail property on Olney were sold to Larandon Homes for $2.1 million. Rip it. 

The Maury Building in Norfolk, home to Fortis College, was sold for $3.45 million. Rip it.

Southern Shopping Center on Tidewater Drive sold for $25 million to “River City Capital.” Rip it.  

Siren Skate Shop has seen a jump in sales over the holidays. Rip it. 

Regional Economic Stats. Port Stats. Labor Stats.

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Several New Year’s Eve Events have been canceled due to rising COVD-19 cases. Please confirm event information and follow all CDC guidelines.  

**Please note that listed times are start times, many events run several hours**
All Weekend:
DoPortugal Circus at Military Circle. Rip it. 
Zoolumination at Virginia Zoo. Rip it.
Million Bulb Walk at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Rip it. 
Winterfest at Nauticus. Rip it. 
MacArthur On Ice at MacArthur Center. Rip it. 

Roaring 20’s NYE Party at Elation Brewing. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
Happy Hour Wine Tasting with Vino Culture. 4:00 pm. Rip it. 
Clarissa & Co perform live at Varia. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Woody Beckner performs live at Syd’s FishPig Cafe. 7:00 pm. Rip it.
NYE Live! at Waterside District. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
The Granby Theater NYE Party. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
NYE Party at the Main. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
DJ Crshovrrd and DJ Edgar Allan Hoe perform live at 37th and Zen. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Donal O’Shaughnessy performs live at Grace O’Malley’s. 8:30 pm. Rip it. 
Social Supply hosts a Studio 54 NYE Party at Slowdive Gallery. 9:00 pm. Rip it. 
DJ Scooter performs live at Grain. 9:30 pm. Rip it.
Drag in the New Year with Harpy Daniels at Reaver NFK. 10:00 pm. Rip it. 
New Year’s Barcade Bash at Circuit Social. 10:00 pm. Rip it. 
Black Tie New Year’s Gala at Gershwins. 11:00 pm. Rip it. 
NYE Ball Drop Block Party in Chelsea Business District. 11:00 pm. Rip it. 

New Year’s Brunch with Miami Fusion at Cova Brewing Co. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
BigForestFire performs live at Grain. 11:00 am. Rip it. 
New Year, Same Me Hangover Brunch at Reaver Beach NFK. 12:00 pm. Rip it.
Waffletina Pop & Walter’s Fest at Benchtop Brewing. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
9th Annual Hogs for Hope at Hank’s Filling Station. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
James Ford performs live at Cova Brewing. 12:00 pm. Rip it.
New Year’s Day Hangover Hang at Circuit Social. 1:00 pm. Rip it.
Chris Ride performs live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Black and Gold perform live at Benchtop Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Clarissa & Co perform live at Varia. 7:00 pm. Rip it.
The Improv Riot: Short Form Improv at Push Comedy Theater. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Donal O’Shaugnessy performs live at Grace O’Malley’s. 8:30 pm. Rip it.
Improvageddon: NYD Melee at Push Comedy Theater. 10:00 pm. Rip it. 

Slow Mo Sunday Ride at Local Bike Shop. 10:00 am. Rip it.
Community Gentle Yoga at Ocean View Beach Park. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
Chris Ride performs live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 3:00 pm. Rip it. 
Tour de Orf departing Smartmouth Brewery. 3:00 pm. Rip it.
Barks & Bulbs 2022 at Norfolk Botanical Garden. 5:00 pm. Rip it.

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Grab an NYE bottle of wine and a few books for 2022 at the same time at Eleanor’s in Ghent. Rip it.

Embrace the last of the holidays with an Ol’ Fezzelwig from Coalescence. Rip it. 

Belgian Liege Waffles are back at Benchtop with Waffletina’s one-day-only popup on New Year’s Day. Rip it. 

Blue Latte? Heck yeah, and it’s loaded with blue butterfly pea flower and Tahitian vanilla. Rip it. 

Brunch by the beach? Miami Fusion rolls up at Cova Brewing for a Latin-inspired NYD Brunch. Rip it.

Forget your resolutions. Grab a cheese state from Major Phillie. Rip it.

Winter mimosa flights from Stockpot are ready to give you a little hair of the dog. Rip it. 

Soft-serve is coming to Ghent Grab-N-Go. Rip it. 

Food Truck Sightings:
Shawna’s Rich Eats at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Big Belly Food Truck at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  

Red River Smokehouse at Reaver NFK. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Waffletina at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  
Miami Fusion at Cova Brewing. Rip it. 

Shawna’s Rich Eats at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
The Coop at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  
 Vang’s Sushi at Cova Brewing. Rip it. 

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