This week in NFK: Special Election, Glitch City, Flooding Tech, $2 Slice Night, Foie Gras Biscuits, the Matrix, and more.

by | Jan 7, 2022


Dark money from international financial firms are gobbling up apartments across the region. (NFK Currents Orginal) Rip it. 

Flooding is putting the squeeze on Norfolk’s affordable housing. (NFK Currents Original) Rip it. 

This Tuesday is the Special Election to fill the 89th House of Delegate seat. Rip it. 

Three Norfolk City Council members have asked the City Attorney for a report on the Hampton Roads Ventures, which was highlighted in a recent Virginia Mercury series. Rip it. 

Despite snow and freezing rain hundreds of people lined up outside Milliarty Circle Mall for COVID-19 tests at this week. Rip it.

ODU is proceeding with plans for an in-person semester but will be requiring a COVID-19 booster vaccination. Rip it. 

Dr. Leon Rouson, a tenured professor at NSU, was appointed to the Norfolk School Board to fill the Ward 4 seat vacated by Christine Smith. Rip it. 

Deplorable conditions at Young Terrace apartments are being rectified by NRHA after an investigation by Wavy 10. Rip it. 

Inflating food costs are putting the squeeze on local food banks. Rip it. 

Shareese Grant, a three-time all-Tidewater and all-state basketball player is the new head coach for Maury’s girls basketball team. Rip it. 

Military Circle Mall will soon be home to a full-time mass COVID-19 testing site. Rip it.

Got time to serve your city? Norfolk is seeking applicants for multiple Boards and Commissions. Rip it.

Virginia is launching a new Mortgage Relief Program to help COVID-effected families stay in their homes. Rip it. 


Meet the Tastemaker: Jennifer Lucy at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens. Rip it.  

The Virginia Opera launches “Three Decembers,” an exploration of family drama. Rip it. 

Join the Virginia Stage Company for a satire-ridden farcical show, The Thanksgiving Play. Rip it. 

d’Art Center is hosting Back to the Future Relaunch Celebration to recognize over 35 years of visual arts work. Rip it. 

Norfolk’s Original Indie Comics Expo (NOICE) is back on February 5th. Rip it. 

Tickets are on sale for the 10th Anniversary Panties In A Twist presented by Push Comedy Theater at the Norva. Rip it. 

757 Headspace’s first event “Open Floor” featuring over a dozen choreographers comes to ODU’s Univesity Theater on January 27th. Rip it. 

This week WHRO premieres a film highlighting the effects of sea-level rise on farmers in the region. Rip it. 

Berk Visual returns with Glitch City, an exhibition at Slowdive Gallery. Rip it. 

There’s an open call for artists for an upcoming exhibition, “Shine A Light.” Rip it. 

Currently on Display:
Fence Street Gallery in the NEON District. Rip it.
Pier Luigi Nervi: Art and Science of Building at Chrysler Museum. Rip it. 
Tuan Andrew Nguyen: The Boat People at Chrysler Museum. Rip it. 
Alpha / Beta at Offsite Gallery. Rip it. 


FloodMapp, a RISE challenge winner, launches the first-ever Waze integration to help drivers avoid flooded areas. Rip it. 

Festevents announced the 2021 Community Development Program featuring grants for small businesses, charities, and students. Rip it. 

Neptune’s Fury Coffee lands at Dominion Tower in Downtown Norfolk. Rip it.

 Norfolk residents could soon have access to in-fridge grocery delivery from Walmart. Rip it. 

Dee Perea and Sean Vantwest sold their Creek Food Mart to open Ghent Grab-N-Go offering upscale and unique items for a convenience store. Rip it. 

Dominion Energy has filed its application for approval of the Coast Virginia Wind Project. Rip it.  

The Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center at ODU is home to six organizations focused on using advanced technologies on multidisciplinary problems. Rip it. 

Cafe Milo has found new ownership in the NEON District. Rip it. 

A new plant shop, Plant Norfolk, is calling the NEON District home. Rip it. 

Regional Economic Stats. Port Stats. Labor Stats.

NFK / 757 Champion Sweatshirt

NFK Dad Hat


Coming soon in the NEON District: In[HEIR]itance Project artist salon. Rip it. 

Mark your calendars for Strong Ale Festival, a collaborative beer event, at Reaver Beach on February 5th. Rip it.  

Next week Granby Theater and Chicho’s Backstage host a joint MMA IFC watch event. Rip it. 

Next weekend catch a Cabaret Dinner Theater at 37th & Zen titled “Netflix and Chill.” Rip it. 

Downtown Norfolk Restaurant Week is set for January 16th – 23rd. Rip it. 

Several events previously scheduled for this week have been canceled due to COVD-19 cases. Please confirm event information and follow all CDC guidelines.  

**Please note that listed times are start times, many events run several hours**
All Weekend:
Zoolumination at Virginia Zoo. Rip it.
MacArthur On Ice at MacArthur Center. Rip it. 

First Friday Fountain Series at Crudo Nudo. 4:00 pm. Rip it. 
Friday Wine Tasting at Vino Culture. 4:00 pm. Rip it. 
PC Duo performs live at Benchtop Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Amy Klaus performs live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Mary Claire Fagan performs live at Cova Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Bad Movie Night at Micael and Kimthanh Lê Plantetarium. 6:30 pm. Rip it. 
Leanne Morgan: Big Panty Tour at Chrysler Hall. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Glitch City opening reception at Slowdive Gallery. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Dahna Rowe & Jonathan Friedman perform live at Varia. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 

Va. Children’s Chorus Auditions at Talbot Park Baptist. 9:00 am. Rip it. 
Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations at Selden Market. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Bhav Brigade Yoga at Elation Brewing. 10:30 am. Rip it. 
East Beach Winter Farmer’s Market. 11:00 am. Rip it. 
BigForestFire performs live at Grain. 11:00 am. Rip it. 
Community Gentle Yoga at Ocean View Beach Park. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
Weekend Wine Tasting at Vino Culture. 1:00 pm. Rip it. 
Glasslight Hotel Art Gallery Tour. 2:00 pm. Rip it.
Opening Reception for “Generational Shift” at Gallery 21. 5:00 pm. Rip it. 
Brett Williams performs live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Marty Moore and Trevor Daniel perform live at Benchtop Brewing. 6:00pm. Rip it. 
Fox and The Bear perform live at Elation Brewing. 6:30 pm. Rip it. 
Frank Sings Fram performs live at Varia. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Rachel & the JellyCats with The Feral Showgirls at 37th and Zen. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Harpy Daniels Birthday Roast and Drag Show live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Pieces of a Dream performed live at Attucks Theater. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Saved By the 90’s performing live at the Norva. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Karaoke at Cogan’s Pizza. 9:00 pm. Rip it. 
Brian Grilli performs live at Grain. 9:30 pm. Rip it.


Sunday Dog Days at Norfolk Botanical Garden. 9:00 am. Rip it. 
Brewed To Run at Smartmouth Brewing. 9:30 am. Rip it. 
Sunday Afternoon Softball Co-Ed Leauge at Poplar Hall Park. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Slow Mo Sunday Bike Ride with Local Bike Shop. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Dustin Furlow performs live at Grain. 11:00 am. Rip it. 
Second Sunday’s Jazz Brunch at Smartmouth Brewing. 11:00 am. Rip it. 
Bhav Brigade Yoga at Sky’s The Limit Yoga Co. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
New Year New Yogi at Sky’s the Limit Yoga Co. 4:00 pm. Rip it. 
Va Stage Company performs The Thanksgiving Play at Wells Theater. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
DJ Germ performs live at Grain. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 

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Let’s taco bout the new taco joint in town: Union Taco. (NFK Currents Original) Rip it.  

Trying to beat the cold dreary weather? Here’s our takes on the best ramen in town. (NFK Currents Original). Rip it. 

Bar-Q is pumping out raspberry white chocolate cheesecake bars. Rip it.

Stop drooling, it’s just a video. Our Peoples has a downright dank shrimp and chicken quesadilla. Rip it.

Get Bodega Dogs with the boys at Slowdive Gallery. Rip it. 

Get a seared foie gras biscuit with sweet potato butter at the one and only Legrand. Rip it. 

Don’t miss the $2 slices at the Admiral’s Virginia Slice night with Ynot Pizza. Rip it. 

Equinox has plenty of baked goods waiting to team up with your morning brew. Rip it. 

The Blackdog cafe came out swinging with the pork tenderloin sandwich this week. Rip it. 

Food Truck Sightings:
Get Stuffed at Cova Brewing. Rip it. 
Crop Circle Gourmet at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Vang’s Sushi at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  

Sense’s Vegan Comfort Food at Reaver NFK. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Hades Wood Fired Oven at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  
Weng’s Kitchen at Cova Brewing. Rip it. 
Pitt County BBQ at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it. 

Not Your Routine Poutine at Reaver NFK. Rip it. 
Flavor Savor BBQ at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it. 
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.Grab an NYE bottle of wine and a few books for 2022 at the same time at Eleanor’s in Ghent. Rip it.

Embrace the last of the holidays with an Ol’ Fezzelwig from Coalescence. Rip it.

Belgian Liege Waffles are back at Benchtop with Waffletina’s one-day-only popup on New Year’s Day. Rip it.

Blue Latte? Heck yeah, and it’s loaded with blue butterfly pea flower and Tahitian vanilla. Rip it.

Brunch by the beach? Miami Fusion rolls up at Cova Brewing for a Latin-inspired NYD Brunch. Rip it.

Forget your resolutions. Grab a cheese state from Major Phillie. Rip it.

Winter mimosa flights from Stockpot are ready to give you a little hair of the dog. Rip it.

Soft-serve is coming to Ghent Grab-N-Go. Rip it.

Food Truck Sightings:
Shawna’s Rich Eats at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Big Belly Food Truck at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.

Red River Smokehouse at Reaver NFK. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Waffletina at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.
Miami Fusion at Cova Brewing. Rip it.

Shawna’s Rich Eats at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
The Coop at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.
Vang’s Sushi at Cova Brewing. Rip it.

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