This week in NFK: Wastewater Aquifers, Early Voting, Cordish Cos Casino, Blink-182, The 666 Project, Street Soccer, and more.

by | Oct 21, 2022

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This year voters can register to vote at their polling place and cast a provisional ballot the same day. Rip it. 

HRT rides are free on Election Day. Rip it.

Candidates for Norfolk’s Ward 5 faced off in a debate this week, with crime at the heart of the discussion. Rip it. 

The City is still seeking input on its four proposals for updating Maury High School. Rip it. 

The Hampton Roads Sanitation District has been pumping treated wastewater into local aquifers, potentially slowing land’s sinking. Rip it.

A new report shines a light on the activities of Hampton Roads Ventures, a Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing subsidiary that came under scrutiny for not delivering projects locally. Rip it. 

After Virginia legalized pot, Black people still make up the majority of defendants for marijuana-related offenses. Rip it. 

Park Place community members are criticizing the City for allowing the Hanson Company to build subsidized housing in the neighborhood. Rip it. 

The ForKids housing help hotline has been busier than ever, with more than 7,000 calls in September. Rip it. 

Culture Lounge lost its appeal board hearing and is expected to remain closed. Rip it. 

Culture Lounge is claiming on social media that they will be back soon. Rip it.

Employees of Legacy Lounge have started a petition asking for help securing jobs at new employers. Rip it. 

Governor Youngkin announced a plan to fund out-of-state police recruitment and training programs while in Norfolk this week. Rip it. 

Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi expressed concerns over a crime plan announced by the Governor in Norfolk. Rip it.

Advocates are calling on the state’s Witness Protection Program to be funded to aid prosecution efforts. Rip it. 

City Manager Larry “Chip” Filer said the City hopes to have a new police chief selected by the end of the year. Rip it. 

HRT is introducing live bus and transit tracking. Rip it. 

The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization wants your input on their 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan. Rip it. 

The Virginia Department of Health released a new community health data portal. Rip it. 

Va. Attorney General’s office joined 18 other states in an investigation into the harms of major banks seeking to make their investment portfolios “Net-Zero.” Rip it

Millions of dollars in ad spending have hit the region for the VA-02 congressional race. Rip it. 

An ODU Political Science professor says that politicians refusing to recognize the results of the 2020 election are damaging public trust in elections. Rip it. 

Tim Kaine called sea level rise a “matter of national security” during a regional conference. Rip it. 

Funds from an opioid settlement began to come to Virginia, with $16.3 million headed for localities. Rip it.

Officials are calling the impending failure of another Chesapeake Bay agreement a “collapsing house of cards.” Rip it. 

Another cold front has rolled in, bringing frost and freeze advisories. Rip it. 

DNA testing is underway to study the graves found underneath the Basilica of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception. Rip it. 

The Admirals’ season opener is this weekend, check out their opening roster. Rip it.


Mummenshanz, a magic performance of silent inflated characters that delight and sometimes confuse audiences lands at Chrysler Hall on October 29th. (NFK Currents Original Video) Rip it.

Over 50 artists are displaying their work at the dozens of events scheduled for the NEON Festival. (NFK Curents Original) Rip it.

The Chyrsler is celebrating 50 years with a gala and a NEON After Party. Rip it.

UVIR Studio is releasing a short film on how the City of Norfolk is handling gun violence and nightclubs at NEON Festival. Rip it.

The Mighty Dream Forum announced more headliners, including Hannibal Burress, Lewis Hamilton, Kaytranada, Saba, and more. Rip it. 

Gourmandizing worked with the Governor’s School for the Arts on a new mural in the NEON District. Rip it. 

ODU Students are taking over the Barry Arts Building with a haunted exhibition through Halloween. Rip it. 

Norfolk native Zack Ketz released a web series made with animation assistance from Artificial Intelligence. It’s believed to be the first AI animated series. Rip it.

Norfolk Chamber Consort opens its 54th season with a program dedicated to the influential Baroque Era Danish-German composer Dietrich Buxtehude in November. Rip it.

The Slowdive squad is teaming up with Social Supply for a special stranger things-inspired event in VB. Rip it.

The City of Norfolk is commissioning ten artists for works based on Norfolk’s publically accessible datasets. Deadline Nov 1. Rip it.

The Return of the Trap, a film by Norfolk-based Matoso Productions releases soon. Rip it.

The Norfolk Forum brings American journalist Mara Liasson to town ahead of the November elections. Rip it.

Currently on Display:
To See a World in a Grain of Sand at Chrysler Museum. Rip it.
Lasting Impressions: Prints Collection at Chrysler Museum. Rip it.
Motion / Emotion at Barry Art Museum. Rip it.
Love of Alexander at Barry Art Museum. Rip it.
Rhonda Holy Bear: Artist and Story-Keeper at Barry Art Museum. Rip it.
ALLiGATER HELLHOUND at Gordon Art Galleries. Rip it.
DesignHer: Contemporary Women Graphic Designers at Gordon Art Galleries. Rip it.
“Places” by Charles Rucker at Offsite Gallery. Rip it.
Jaida Garrison at the Gallery at Elation. Rip it.
Super High Show at Slowdive Gallery. Rip it.


NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk’s Contracting Department with more than 250 contracting experts awarded nearly 8,100 contract actions worth over $2.5 billion. Rip it. 

The Federal Reserve says the fifth district economy has changed little since August. Rip it. 

Novelties Unlimited, a 43-year-old business on 21st Street, will be closing down at the end of the year. Rip it. 

By some measures, housing in the region has become more unaffordable than Northern Virginia and other areas. Rip it. 

Cordish Companies, the operators of Waterside District, is partnering with Petersburg to explore casino options there. Rip it. 

New renderings for a proposed apartment complex near Ikea and the premium outlets. Rip it. 

ODU is opening a new data science institute specializing in cybersecurity and marine engineering. Rip it. 

Norfolk State University has been named one of today’s best schools for online higher education in healthcare by Rip it. 

$10 million is coming to Virginia to fund a nuclear research hub and other “power innovation” policies. Rip it. 

Regional groups are hyping up the area’s connection to undersea internet cables as an opportunity for economic growth. Rip it.

The region is set to get its first robotically-run Amazon warehouse. Rip it. 

More than 70 employers are gathering for a career fair next week. Rip it.

Regional Economic Stats. Port Stats. Labor Stats.

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NEON Fest is back for its seventh year with dozens of events, popups, and artists. (NFK Currents Original). Rip it. 

LAVA Presents’ Halloween Extravaganza features local band members shuffled into one-night-only cover bands of Blink-182, Brittney Spears, The Cure, ABBA, Talking Heads, and more. Rip it.

The Mighty Dream Forum is set to take over dozens of venues around town for the “SXSW of DEI” November 1st – 3rd. Rip it.

The Make(HER) Collective is hosting an all-women-owned vendor market at Reaver Beach on Saturday. Rip it.

The Norfolk Street Soccer Tournament returns this Saturday. Rip it.

On Monday Cor de Lux, GONE, and Hope Magnet perform at the Smartmouth Warehouse. 

**Please note that listed times are start times, many events run several hours**
Norfolk Run Club meetup at Yorgo’s. 6:00 am. Rip it.
Recycled Reads Used Book Sale at Slover Library. 9:00 am. Rip it. 
Witches & Whiskers Luncheon & Silent Auction at Norfolk Yacht Club. 10:30 am. Rip it. 
Ghent Farmer’s Market (Season Finale) at Blair Middle School. 3:30 pm. Rip it. 
Death by Beer Party at Cova Brewing. 3:30 pm. Rip it.
NEON Festival start time. 5:00 pm. Rip it.
Dynamic Reception and NEON Festival at d’Art Center. 5:00 pm. Rip it. 
Trick ‘r’ Trees at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. 5:00 pm. Rip it.
Push Comedy Free Shows at NEON Festival. 5:30 pm. Rip it.
James Manno performs live at Neon House for NEON Festival. 5:30 pm. Rip it. 
DISCOVERY: Art Competition at the Cofer Lot for NEON Festival. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Bryson Jett performs live at Zeke’s for NEON Festival. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Virginia Opera performs at the Plot for NEON Festival. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
GSA Jazz Band performs live at Commune for NEON Fest. 6:00 pm. Rip it.  
Dîner en Coleur at the Cofer Lot for NEON Festival. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Cody Browning performs live at Benchtop Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Skylark & Skip Hancock perform live at Varia. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Dan Pellegrino performs live at Cova Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
TCC Blue Moon Jazz Band at the Glass Wheel for NEON Festival. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Hurrah Players present The Lion King at Copeland Center for NEON Fest. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Tony Rivera performs live at the Plot for NEON Festival. 6:20 pm. Rip it. 
Chan Hall Experience at Copeland Center for NEON Fest. 6:30 pm. Rip it. 
Mosquito Cabaret performs live at the Cofer Lot for NEON Festival. 6:30 pm. Rip it.

Fretomology performs live at Slone Chiropractic for NEON Festival. 6:30 pm. Rip it. 
Captive Birds perform live at Commune for NEON Fest. 6:40 pm. Rip it. 
Handbuilding 101: Slab Platters at 757 Makerspace. 7:00 pm. Rip it
GSA Dance and So Seriouz performances at the Plot for NEON Festival. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Books & Brew (Vino, Too!) at Slover Library. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
To Oak, or Not to Oak at Vino Culture. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Norfolk Haunted Temple at Norfolk Masonic Lodge. 7:00 pm. Rip it.
Bay River Band performs live at the Glass Wheel for NEON Festival. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
The Norfolk Word Art Show at The Muse Writer’s Center. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Norfolk Admirals vs. South Carolina Stingrays at Scope Arena. 7:05 pm. Rip it. 
Jared Farrell performs live at Neon House for NEON Festival. 7:15 pm. Rip it.

Freddy Hall performs live at Commune for NEON Fest. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
DJ Elijah3WO performs live at the Cofer Lot for NEON Festival. 7:30 pm. Rip it.
Teens with a Purpose performance at the Plot for NEON Festival. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
NOSFERATU silent movie with organs at Christ St. Lukes. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
Haunted Norfolk Tour departing Moses Myers House. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
Ghouls and Glam Drag Show at the Wave. 8:00 pm. Rip it.
Pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the New World at Generic Theater. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Infinite Flava performs live at The Plot for NEON Festival. 8:00 pm. Rip it.
Along Those Lines perform live at Glass Wheel Lot at NEON Festival. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
ODU Writers in Community Poetry Reading at Copeland Center for NEON Fest. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Feature Show with 10 Musical Artists at Soiree Bistro for NEON Fest. 8:00 pm.  Rip it.  
VLU Halloween Bar Night at MJ’s Tavern. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Sunnyside Collective performs live at the Cofer Lot for NEON Festival. 8:30 pm. Rip it.
TA Gatling & the Guns performs live at Neon House for NEON Festival. 8:45 pm. Rip it.
Penny and the Pablos perform live at Commune for NEON Fest. 9:00 pm. Rip it. 
Jarvis & Nate: Paper Aliens Duo perform live at Grain. 9:00 pm. Rip it. 
Mass FX performs live at The Plot for NEON Festival. 9:00 pm. Rip it. 
TCC Blue Moon Jazz Band at the Glass Wheel for NEON Festival. 9:00 pm. Rip it.
The Shining Fright Night Showing at Naro Cinema. 9:15 pm. Rip it.
Kelo & Friends perform live at Soiree Bistro for NEON Fest. 9:30 pm.  Rip it.  
Platform’d: Sketch Comedy Showcase at Push Comedy Theater. 10:00 pm. Rip it.

OV Run Club Long Run at Ocean View Diner. 7:15 am. Rip it.
Send It! Road Ride with East Coast Cycles. 8:00 am. 
Rip it.
Yoga + Coffee at Coalescence with Sky’s The Limit. 9:00 am. Rip it. 
East Beach Farmer’s Market at 9680 Shore Drive. 9:00 am. Rip it.
International Coastal Cleanup at Harbor Park. 9:00 am. Rip it. 
Yoga with Baby Goats at Waterside District. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Zoo Boo 2022 at Virginia Zoo. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Military Spouse Professional Network Coffee Connection at Cova Brewing. 10:00 am. Rip it. 
Botanical Bike Tour on the ERT. 10:00 am. Rip it.
Bhav Brigade Yoga at Elation Brewing. 10:00 am. Rip it.
Live Life Fresh Boombox Ride with Freshtopia. 10:30 am. Rip it.
Big Forest Fire performs live at Grain. 11:00 am. Rip it.
Fall Make(HER) Market at Reaver Beach Brewing. 12:00 pm. Rip it.
Rock Painting at 757 Creative Reuse Center. 12:00 pm. Rip it.
Performance Anxiety Workshop with Virginia Symphony Orchestra. 12:30 pm. Rip it. 
9th Annual Dogtoberfest at Elation Brewing. 1:00 pm. Rip it. 
Pet Costume Party at Mack’s Barge. 1:00 pm. Rip it. 
Chilling Tales from Beneath the Ground at Cedar Grove Cemetery. 2:00 pm. Rip it. 
UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev at Waterside District. 2:00 pm. Rip it.  
Norf MSN with eight musical artists at Smartmouth . 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Neptune Groove performs live at Varia. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
NFK Street Soccer Fall Tournament at The Veil. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Chris Jeanguenat Exhibition Opening at Dragonfly Art Studio. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
Cova Sunset Cinema: Hocus Pocus at Cova Brewing. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Travis Morrison performs live at Maker’s Craft Brewery. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Harry Potter Halloween Adult Camp & Movie Night at The Granby Theater. 6:00 pm. Rip it.
Norfolk Haunted Temple at Norfolk Masonic Lodge. 7:00 pm. Rip it.
New Moon Ritual at Aries Apothecary. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
Movie Night at Little Theater of Norfolk. 7:30 pm. Rip it.
Howard Curtis performs live at Attucks Theater. 7:30 pm. Rip it.
Virginia Symphony performs live at Chrylser Hall. 7:30 pm. Rip it. 
The 666 Project: A Horror Anthology at Push Comedy Theater. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
South Border and Neocolours perform live at The Norva. 8:00 pm. Rip it. 
Furioso performs live at Prime 255. 8:00 pm. Rip it.
OK performs live at Grain. 9:00 pm. Rip it.
Alien Fright Night Screening at Naro Cinema. 9:15 pm. Rip it.


Brian Pinardi at Grain performs live at Grain. 11:00 am. Rip it.  
Hank’s Pig Roast at Hank’s Filling Station. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
High End Rojas! at Vino Culture. 12:00 pm. Rip it. 
Brian Sagedy performs live at Cova Brewing. 12:00 pm. Rip it.
Lipgloss & Lashes Drag Brunch at 37th and Zen. 1:00 pm. Rip it. 
Peace & Pints Yoga with Bhav Brigade at Smartmouth. 1:00 pm. Rip it.
Pokemon TCG Casual Play at Atlantis Comics & Games. 1:00 pm. Rip it.
Cowboy Syd’s Wine Class at Syd’s FishPig Cafe. 1:00 pm. Rip it. 
Into The Fog performs live at Benchtop Brewing Company. 4:00 pm. Rip it. 
LAVA Rooftop Series: Bombadil, Logan Vath, Deau Eyes at Assembly. 6:00 pm. Rip it. 
TRL & Talented Sundays at 37th & Zen. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Norfolk Haunted Temple at Norfolk Masonic Lodge. 7:00 pm. Rip it. 
Jeffrey Lewis Poulson performs live at Grain. 7:30 pm. Rip it.
Babyface Ray performs live at the Norva. 8:00 pm. Rip it.
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Codex celebrates one year downtown this weekend, with 5% of food sales going to the ACLU.
Rip it. 

OGS – Only Good Shit is back for another popup at Crudo Nudo next Sunday. Rip it. 

If you didn’t get enough of Greekfest, go on down to Orapax to get your fix. Rip it.  

It’s raining beef and lamb down at Mr. Shawarma, and it will leave you very hungry. Rip it.

Little Dog Diner hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2015, but classics don’t need it. Rip it.

Salted caramel and local apple rice pudding is delish at Blanca Food + Wine. Rip it.

Pan seared Culotte with a deep beef bone demi, parmigiana rind steeped potato, and basil purée! Rip it. 

Try out Samoan treats at Always Latte, a new shop in Ocean View. Rip it.

El Rey No. 2 should probably get promoted to No. 1 for this. Rip it.

Kolla Lot 3 beans are rolling off the shelves with notes of jasmine, tangerine, and black tea. Rip it. 

Smoked rosemary is the key to everyone’s heart. Catch it at Cure. Rip it.

Tea service is back at Hummingbird. Rip it. 

Bold Mariner and Reaver Beach are bringing back Black Swan, a Czech dark lager aged on Cornix coffee. Rip it.

Bowling is back! Coco Jam bowls are def not gutterballs. Rip it.

What do you mean you haven’t gotten tacos at Sanctuary DMZ yet? Move those feet! Rip it.

Food Truck Sightings:

Burrito Perdido at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  
Ghost Kitchen and La Cucina at Cova Brewing. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Bar-Q at Bold Mariner Brewing. Rip it.
Sense’s Vegan at Reaver NFK. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it.

Ghost Kitchen and Sour Street Pizza at Cova Brewing. Rip it.
Flavor Savor at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it.
Sweet Daddy’s BBQ at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.  
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.
Bar-Q & Flippin’ Hangry at Reaver NFK. Rip it.
Bar-Q at Bold Mariner Brewing. Rip it.

Shawna’s Rich Eats at Maker’s Craft Brewing. Rip it.
Smoked Biscuit at Cova Brewing. Rip it.
Flippin Hangry at Benchtop Brewing. Rip it.
Hades Wood Fired at Reaver NFK. Rip it.
Ghost Kitchen at Smartmouth Brewing. Rip it.

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