Two Stages, Eight Acts, and New Tunes at 14th More-Than-Annual LAVA MiniFest This Weekend

by | Mar 30, 2022

LAVA Presents is a local promoter that loves music and everything about it. LAVA has been bringing concerts and shows to the region for over half a decade. During that time, the group’s reputation has solidified in the minds of the community. Across over 150 shows, dozens of artists, and more than a handful of venues, LAVA Presents has dabbled in a bit of everything. What stays constant at every LAVA experience, and builds their reputation in town, is the diversity. Each concert features a lineup of bands you’ve probably heard of alongside ones you may not be familiar with.


Similarly, the variety of music is surprisingly diverse, spanning vastly different genres yet still curated enough to prevent dissonance. The crowd reflects those choices, becoming a melting pot of individuals from across the seven cities. LAVA Presents and the community of loyal fans sprung up around them have welcomed everyone to the stage over the years.

This weekend is an extra special one for LAVA Presents. Their 14th more-than-annual LAVA MiniFest is taking over at Toast in Norfolk with eight local and visiting acts. The expanded venue space runs into the parking lot of Toast / Perro Blanco will fill up with folks from all over as the musical action bounces between two separate stages. The lineup weaves together grungey rock, Beatles-inspired melodies, and airy bedroom pop that collectively emphasizes DIY attitudes and grit in teeth aesthetics.


Here’s a bit of what you can expect from each act:


Kate Bollinger

Kate Bollinger, hailing from Charlottesville, brings light and floating tunes through her mix of jazz, pop, and indie-folk sounds. Her smooth flow combines acoustic and electric instrumentation, resulting in mostly dreamily optimistic music, while her lyrics tend toward the sad and melancholy. Kate’s careful combination of energies will indeed have the crowd swaying like a field of tall grass in the wind.


Esbern Snare

Esbern Snare’s wispy atmospheric sounds and crooning lyrics command your attention. They continually use that attention to build crescendos as songs add elements to their progression, leaving the listener enveloped in their soundscapes. This weekend will be their first performance in five years!


Community Witch

Community Witch is a local favorite, frequently popping up at shows across the region. Their latest work, Inner Chatter, channels surf rock and Spaghetti Western guitar style (think Tarantino movie soundtracks) and cold sunken ghost-like vocals together for a collection of culty and catchy tunes. There’s no doubt that Community Witch will have the crowd bobbing their heads and grooving in the gravel.


Obscure Son

Obscure Son, a Norfolk group, employs heavy distortion on their tracks. Their pounding drums and surfy guitar riffs feel loosely referential to their hometown’s mix of industrial railyards and beaches. Obscure Son pulls members from local bands such as You’re Jovian, Honorary Girl, and Mas Y Mas.


Good Dog Nigel

Making the trip from Lynchburg, Good Dog Nigel has described the Beatles’ influence on his music (“Good Dog Nigel” is a John Lennon poem). The strains of Beatles-esque guitar, tambourine, and vocals are prominent in his music. GDN puts his mix on those familiar elements, adding touches of twee pop, twang, and boogie.



Pearloid, hailing from the distant Virginia Beach, popped on the scene with their recent release “Silverscreen.” They combine ’80s synths and trippy jam band elements for a unique and crowd-pleasing spectacle. Upbeat energy throughout their tunes will lift the whole festival. The weekend’s fest will be Pearloid’s first show ever, so don’t miss it.


Catie Lausten

Catie Lausten, via Richmond, brings bedroom pop to LAVA Minifest. Songs tattered by breakups and dreamy memories will whisk you to groovy soundscapes. The unfiltered tales of past romances pair with familiar pop chords that somehow still feel gritty.


Hippie Love Party

Hippie Love Party, another VB local group, jumped into prominence with their Shell at 17 single this year. Progressive rock-inspired guitar riffs and some unconventional harmonies with a flair of emo make this post-hardcore group just the right amount of grungey.


This Saturday, LAVA MiniFest takes the city by storm with another lineup of unique and fulfilling bands. Toast, Perro Blanco, Chesapeake Bay Distillery, and Young Veterans brewing will have standup libations on deck to keep the thirst from distracting you. Tickets are cheaper in advance, so save $3 by booking them now.  

The Deets:
Saturday, April 2nd, 2022
Doors 5:00 pm, Music 5:30 pm
Toast: 2406 Colonial Ave Norfolk, VA
Tickets Available Here

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