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What’s Going On With Greenies? Big Changes Headed for OV’s 1st View.

by | Apr 15, 2021

What new life will be breathed into the old Greenies lot? We got much closer to finding out on Wednesday as the City of Norfolk unveiled its two-phase plan. While many an OV dweller has missed the staple bar & restaurant that closed two years ago, we have something to be excited about coming to 196 W. Ocean View Ave. The lot that housed Greenies since the 1930s has been empty for over two years now. In the short term, the now-empty lot will be open to the public with a parking area, green space for activities, and designated food truck spots. The first phase will see this space likely fulfilling a role similar to that of “The Plot” in the NEON District, where locals continue to enjoy gathering for community-centric events and entertainment. 

The second phase is hopeful for a full restaurant with an emphasis on outdoor seating, with ample parking and the food truck area still intact. This phased approach means that this space could become active much sooner than initially anticipated. The plan includes a dune reestablishment plan which is expected to restore some habitat for beach species. The revitalization of these dunes will also play a  pivotal role in protecting against future storm surge and floodwaters. The OV crowd has been asking our city for a spot like this for quite some time, and it looks like officials have begun heeding the call. 

We’re one step closer to having a taco and watching the sunset at 1st View on a Friday night. I’m eager to see who picks up the keys to the corner store across the street at 100 W. Ocean View. If this space is filled alongside the Greenies lot, West Ocean View will undoubtedly be a much more vibrant place for summertime hangs by the bay. Throw a band in Ocean View Beach Park and we’ll be hearkening back to OV’s heydays. 

Councilman Tommy Smigiel drops all the details in this quick video announcement: 

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